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The NFL Needed Taylor Swift More Than She Needed Them

The 2023 NFL season was a crazy one, and the biggest story for most of the season was pop singer Taylor Swift dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Many big-time NFL fans were sick of the Swift/Kelce coverage throughout the year, and every time she was at one of his games, the broadcast would show her nonstop, but it wasn't her fault.

Early on, there was a lot of speculation that Swift's and Kelce's relationship wasn't real, and she was trying to promote her Era Tour Movie that came out in October right in the heat of the NFL season.

Swift never needed the NFL to promote anything she did because, believe it or not, she was just as big as the entire league. She sells out every NFL stadium in seconds, has movies and songs that are seen and listened to 24/7, and wins every single music award you could ever imagine. She is the most prominent performer in the world right now and is more famous than any current NFL player and probably every current North American athlete except maybe Lebron James.

Swift and Kelce's relationship was never fake; nobody used each other to promote their brand, but the NFL was the massive winner.

Swift brought many of her fans who couldn't care less to the NFL game to see what her boyfriend was doing, and they started to watch Chiefs games and even other NFL games.

A good number of Swift fans follow whatever she is doing, and when she turned to the NFL games and started going to Chiefs games, her fans followed, and the NFL benefited greatly from it. They got a handful of new views they never would have gotten and new fans for life.

I'm sure Swift didn't get many middle-aged guys who are huge NFL fans to start following her music, but she did bring many young and old girls to the sport.

Super Bowl LVIII featured the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and of course, Swift was in the building to watch her boyfriend win his third Super Bowl, but that wasn't the only big thing that came out of this game.

Don't tell me Swift didn't have anything to do with the spike in ratings. Kansas City has been to four Super Bowls in the last five seasons, and everyone is sick of them; the 49ers have been to two Super Bowls in the previous five years, so it's not like there was a new team in there like the Detroit Lions that would bring in a bunch of viewers.

Also, nobody was tuning in to watch Usher's halftime show since most people didn't even know who he was or hadn't listened to one of his songs since 2006, and the commercials get worse every year, so nobody was tuning in to watch those, either.

People wanted to watch the game and see Swift. She had to bring in over a few million viewers who wouldn't have watched the game if it wasn't for her.

The NFL should thank her for all the new fans she has brought in over the past five months. The NFL is the biggest sports league in North America, and they teamed up with the biggest entertainer in the world.

Will we see Swift when the 2024 NFL season comes? Who knows? There is a long way to go, and she and Kelce could break up as most celebrity couples do.

Celebrities' break-ups and divorce rates are higher than the average American break-ups and divorce rates besides my family, who is batting .1000 when it comes to getting divorced, so there is a good chance that Swift and Kelce aren't a love story, but as of right now the NFL is cashing in the big time. Swift is responsible for a ton of it this season.

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