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The NFL Continues To Disrespect Steelers Superstar

Another NFL season where the National Football League goes out and decides to disrespect Steelers Superstar TJ Watt, is anybody surprised? You shouldn’t be. In a correct world, TJ Watt would be tied with his brother JJ in the DPOY Awards, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he still sits at just one DPOY award in his trophy case. TJ Watt was robbed years ago by Aaron Donald and now the NFL has decided to give the DPOY award to a guy who has been nearly nonexistent since Christmas. 

JJ Watt said it very well in his tweet about the situation. 

There’s no interest in tearing down Myles Garrett here, he’s a tremendous player. A gamewrecker at times. Most likely Hall of Fame-bound. He just didn’t outperform TJ Watt, despite what the record books will now show forever. 

Also, how did DaRon Bland get a first-place vote but Maxx Crosby didn’t? Where would the Raiders be without Crosby? None of it makes sense. But anyway, back to the original debate. 

Steelers Star Will Be Back

One of the only positives in Watt getting snubbed for DPOY is the fact that the Revenge Tour next season is going to be euphoric. The guy might go for 25 sacks based on his tweets, and we know Watt is a guy who responds well to these kinds of things. In 2020 when he lost out to Aaron Donald in a year where he felt he should have won the award, he came back and won the award and tied the single-season sack record. He’ll be back with a vengeance on top of a Steelers team that will be hungry. 

Roger Goodell and the NFL might want to send a drug test over to that lunatic Micah Parsons, who said TJ Watt wasn’t even a top-five edge in the NFL. What a blasphemous statement. Usually, it’s good to listen to the guys that play the game. They usually know best, but Parsons was just looking for clicks. The Steelers will host the Cowboys at Acrisure Stadium next season, a game Watt surely has circled already. 

Stats Don’t Matter

It’s not even worth arguing the stats at this point because any stat you bring up will somehow cease to be important, being superseded by analytical attaboys and almosts. But since we’re here, this is a good time to remind you that TJ Watt led Myles Garrett and Micah Parsons in every stat besides forced fumbles, which Watt and Garrett were tied. 

Sacks used to be important, but now almost all sacks are better. Pressures used to mean something, but now only certain types of pressures are better. Evading double teams are awesome, but only the super traditional double teams. Not the kind that TJ Watt faces. Those are weak. None of it makes any sense anymore and it’s just an NFL popularity contest. Oh well.  

AFC North Cleaned Up At Awards Night

Although Watt was robbed, it was nice to at least see the AFC North clean up at the NFL’s annual awards ceremony. Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Angry Run of the Year, and maybe the NFL’s most prestigious award, The Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award all resided in the AFC North this season. Impressive stuff. Shoutout to Cam Heyward for finally getting the hardware he deserves. Steelers fans can take solace in that. 

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