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The New York Mets Are The New Evil Empire, And It Could Come Back To Haunt Them

If you thought the New York Mets were done spending big-time money this winter, then I have some news for you. Early Wednesday morning, when the entire country was sleeping, the Mets were wide awake and made another splash on the open market.

The Mets signed shortstop Carlos Correa to a 12-year 315-million-dollar deal. Yes, the same Correa who reportedly signed a contract last week with the San Francisco Giants was on the move again.

Breaking: Carlos Correa and the Mets have a deal. $315M, 12 years. — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) December 21, 2022

Yesterday Correa was supposed to be introduced to the fans and media in San Francisco. Still, a medical concern happened during his physical, and the team canceled the introductory press conference.

A few hours later, Correa left the Bay Area, got on the subway, and headed to Queens.

Steven Cohen Is Spending Like Crazy

The Mets were in on Correa last week before he agreed to a deal with the Giants, and it seemed like the Giants didn’t like the medical concern that showed up on his physical, so the Mets jumped back in and got him.

Mets owner Steve Cohen has been on a spending spree since he bought the team at the end of 2020. One of the most significant moves he made when he took over the team was trading for star shortstop Francisco Lindor and giving him a ten-year 341-million-dollar contract.

The Mets used to be owned by the Wilpons before Cohen, and they were constantly being laughed at for not spending money by their fans and other fans around the league, but this is now the Steve Cohen Mets and spending money is no issue for him.

The Mets opened the 2022 offseason by signing their All-Star closer Edwin Diaz to a four-year 102-million-dollar deal, the highest contract ever for a relief pitcher. Still, the Mets lost their ace and the best pitcher in baseball when healthy Jacob DeGrom to the Texas Rangers.

Losing DeGrom was not going to stop this team from making moves, and they made the first big move and the MLB Winter Meetings a few weeks ago by signing star pitcher Justin Verlander to a two-year 86.7-million-dollar deal. He will pitch alongside Max Scherzer, who signed a three-year 130 million dollar deal last off-season.

The Mets went out and signed a star pitcher from Japan, Kodai Senga, to a five-year 75-million-dollar deal, relief pitcher David Robertson to a one-year 10 million dollars, and outfielder Brandon Nimmo to an eight-year 162-million-dollar deal.

Looking at all these moves, it is no surprise that the Mets would go out and give Correa bags of cash. Correa is expected to move from shortstop to third base, with Lindor already having the shortstop position locked down.

Welcome to New York, Carlos Correa! 🗽 — SNY Mets (@SNY_Mets) December 21, 2022

After the New York Yankees were eliminated from the postseason in October, New York Post writer Jon Heyman had a piece on the post’s front page that said Buy The Way. So, it was for the Yankees to open the books and sign these four players pictured in Yankees jerseys on the front Aaron Judge, Edwin Diaz, Justin Verlander, and Carlos Correa. The funny thing is all four players ended up in New York, but three wore blue and orange, not the pinstripes.

*Buy the way, the Mets signed three of these four players. They are the fully operational Death Star. — Peter Botte (@PeterBotte) December 21, 2022

The Mets are turning into the New York Yankees, spending bags and bags of cash and trying to buy a championship.

Suppose you have the money, then more power to you in trying to buy your World Series. Every MLB fan wishes their team would have an owner like Cohen, who spends money like nothing and gives his team a chance to win every year.

Time To Win The World Series

The Mets are coming off back-to-back division collapse where they had the N.L. East in their hands has it ripped away from them. The Mets didn’t make the playoffs in 2021 and lost in the wild-card round in 2022.

Since 2019 three N.L. East teams have made the World Series the Washington Nationals in 2019, the Atlanta Braves in 2021, and Philadelphia Phillies in 2022. The Nationals and Braves both won the World Series.

The N.L. East is loaded with the Braves, Mets, and Phillies. With the Mets spending money, they must win their division and start competing in World Series. If they don’t, they will be the laughingstock of the MLB again, but this time spending too much money and not do anything with it.



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