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The NCAA Is Dead: Big Ten And SEC Form Advisory Committee

You read the title right! The NCAA is dead. They're trying everything to grab hold of any power they can, by making new "rules" that aren't even official rules voted on by the NCAA. They're hunting to gain power in college football and the investigation into Tennessee has backfired and is destroying the NCAA. This new committee is here to protect universities and players.

Big 10 And SEC Alliance

On Friday, the Big Ten and SEC announced the formation of an advisory committee to police college athletics. This is their attempt to bypass the NCAA and cut them out of college sports for good.

I think It will work too. They're struggling to maintain control now. The NCAA is attempting to regulate new guidelines for NIL by making new rules and backtracking on what was previously established. With the current state of college football being chaotic and unregulated, this would be the perfect committee to regulate NIL and college athletics.

This new Big Ten and SEC advisory committee has been formed for various reasons, but most recently because of the NCAA investigation into the University of Tennessee for a flight paid for by a group of boosters not affiliated with the university.

What's Next For College Football?

I believe the formation of a Players' Association is the next necessary step. The players need to unite to have a say in the rules and regulations that govern them, as well as to help establish guidelines for their payment. If they are not careful in how they handle things, there could eventually be a lockout.

It also appears that two major conferences are in the works. I can even envision a different division being created for those teams who do not qualify for these two conferences. This marks the beginning of the end of college football as we know it.

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