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The NBA All-Star Game Is Broken. Can It Be Saved?

What's going on with the all-star game recently? Why don't stars seem to care about the game?

The Fan Uproar

Recently the NBA had its 73rd all-star game and fans are not happy. The final score was 211-186 with the Eastern Conference beating the Western Conference. Nearly 400 points were scored by both teams. Why are fans so unhappy and frustrated about the game? This is because NBA players today do not care about the all-star game. While many players say it's a fun time the only fun they have is knowing they'll be making more money due to that all-star selection.

Fans are frustrated at the lack of care NBA players today have for the all-star game. While the game is supposed to be fun there should be a level of competitiveness during the game. For the last half-decade(except for 2020) the all-star game has had the same formula: run around the court, shoot threes, and dunk. Although the all-star game has its memorable moments, players do not see a reason to try in the all-star game.

Back in 2019, Kobe Bryant had this to say about the all-star game.

Can The All-Star Game Be Saved?

The all-star game can only be saved if players take it a bit more seriously. Some people suggest to give players more money. What more money do these multi-millionaires need? Giving NBA players more money will cause them to be even more spoiled. There have been some suggestions to give the winners of the all-star game home-court advantage for the NBA Finals.

The honor of playing in the all-star game is dead. Players just care about having the title of all-star, but playing in the actual game is no longer an interest. Players are more concerned about their health since after all-star weekend, the playoffs are around the corner. Maybe NBA all-star weekend should temporarily be scrapped for a year or two.


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