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The Most UNDERRATED Offensive Lineman in The 2024 NFL Draft

By Peter Andrisani (The Mock Draft Guy)

In today’s day and age of college football, with the transfer portal essentially being college football free agency and NIL deals, it’s not uncommon to see players with NFL aspirations, go back to school for one more year. One player I was surprised that went back to school after last season is the focal point of today’s prospect profile, Kansas State Wildcats Cooper Beebe. The purpose of these articles is to evaluate a player's strengths, areas to improve upon, scheme fit, team fits, pro comparison, and overall draft projection. 


I was so high on Beebe in the 2023 Draft Cycle, that I thought there was a possibility he could have been drafted in the first round, and a year later, not much has changed, if anything, his case got stronger. Beebe is built like the most stereotypical guard in the NFL. He’s 6’4 and weighs 335 pounds. For lack of a better term, Beebe is DENSE. There’s a ton of anchor in his frame as a result, and rushers trying to attack him down the middle are going to have a hard time getting any push, or momentum.

Beebe was the Big 12 offensive lineman of the year in 2022, and followed it up in 2023, winning that honor again, and being named a consensus All-American. The first offensive lineman in Kansas State history to earn that honor. Beebe is a great athlete, in high school he played both sides of the ball, also lining up at defensive tackle. While also playing basketball, and competing in shot put, placing 3rd in the state in 2017. Beebe is built like a refrigerator, he’s got a huge barrel chest and is thick down his frame, BIG PAUSE. 

As a run blocker, Beebe is a massive asset. He’s a double-team monster whose step-down creates ample displacement and allows him to step cleanly up to the second level and seal linebackers. Running backs have found a lot of real estate off their hips to run to huge gaps. Teams that want to run power schemes and come downhill at you are going to love what he brings in this capacity. Beebe has extremely heavy hands and good short-area quickness. In space, Beebe can meet the defender head-on and plow through, continuing his run up the field as a lead blocker. 

As a pass blocker, Beebe provides some excellent processing skills and clear vision. He can sort out pressure in a composed and timely manner, to pick up stunts and slanted pass rushers. When uncovered in pass protection, Beebe provides a pocket-clearing presence and will pick up free rushers to give his quarterback extra time, or he will slide over and help the double team. 


Beebe, like every other prospect, has areas that he can improve upon, however. I do have some questions about his foot speed and mobility. Beebe is a road grader who appears to offer heavy feet, and his weight distribution can be compromised, therefore he becomes unbalanced. This has shown up both in lateral situations and in vertical push situations while trying to sustain his blocks, which poses challenges for him staying on his base of support, and being under control with his blocks. 

Beebe has shorter arms for the position, and while he can’t do anything about this, it does shrink his margin for error with strike timing and hand placement, limiting his ability to press and widen defenders when they get inside his frame and on his edges. 


In terms of a scheme fit for Cooper Beebe, he has the power and frame to be an effective player in close-quarters combat. I believe that Beebe is ideally a fit for a vertical run game, whether it be inside zone or in gap schemes to encourage aggressiveness to reset the line of scrimmage. While he does have the chops to play right tackle if needed, his talents would be maximized on to interior. 


Here are 5 teams that I think could target Cooper Beebe in the 2024 NFL Draft:

The New York Giants. The Giants have a couple of holes on the interior of their offensive line and a question mark at right tackle in Evan Neal. Beebe’s polish and versatility would make this a match made in heaven. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars. The interior of the Jag's offensive line needs bolstering, and Beebe’s road grater run blocking style could help improve the Jags' run game efficiency. 

The Washington Commanders. The Commanders have a great young player on the right in Sam Cosmi. But they have a massive hole on the left, which is Beebe’s preferred position.

The Miami Dolphins. The name of the game in the off-season should be improving the interior of the offensive line, and Beebe could be the most pro-ready plug-and-play guard in the draft. 

Finally, The Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are always looking for linemen, that's the way Howie Roseman Drafts. With Jason Kelce’s Legendary career coming to an end, and Lane Johnson getting up there in age, a replacement could be on the draft board. 


My pro comparison for Cooper Beebe is Cowboys Left Guard Tyler Smith. Smith is a powerful, versatile player that was drafted to play on the left side, since he has permanently switched to Left Guard, he’s been great. Beebe and Smith play with a similar style as run blockers, with pure power and a nasty demeanor. I do believe that Beebe is the more technically refined prospect at the end of the day. I believe if Beebe is placed in his preferred position on Day 1, he will be a Pro Bowl-level player. 


Overall, I think Cooper Beebe is a fantastic, well-rounded, polished offensive lineman. His huge frame and run-blocking style will transfer quite nicely into the NFL if he’s placed in his preferred position. This draft is loaded with talented offensive line prospects, so it’s tough to separate yourself as a true game changer, but Beebe’s proof is in the pudding. I think Cooper Beebe will be a top-40 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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