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The Monday Night Massacre.

Uncle Howdy takes the WWE Universe by storm in a bone-chilling Debut.

Uncle Howdy Debuts Monday Night Raw.

I sat in my room as I witnessed the debut of the new Wyatt Family. After months of teases, QR codes, creepy arena music, and a missing psychiatrist Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Family have finally appeared on Monday Night Raw. As a massive fan of Bray Wyatt who has still not fully emotionally recovered from the untimely passing of the of WWE's greats, this was EXACTLY what I need.

Nikki Cross as Abby the Witch
Nikki Cross as Abby the Witch

After an amazing show, the moment finally came. I have waited months for this moment. If you want to break it down I have waited over a year for this moment. It all started when Bray returned as himself with Uncle Howdy haunting him. A series of health issues ultimately lead to Bray's passing, causing WWE to scrap the story. Ever since we saw Howdy and Bray in the ring together (Knowing it was Bo Dallas playing Howdy) I have wanted to see how this character and story would play out.

Joe Gacey as Huskus the Pig
Joe Gacey as Huskus the Pig

Bodies lying lifeless, with a fog rolling over the backstage area. Uncle Howdy walked amongst the carnage created by the Wyatt Family. Flanked by Mercy Buzzard, Ramblin' Rabbit, Abby the Witch, and Huskus the Pig The Wyatt Family emerged from the backstage area.

Dexter Loomis as Mercy Buzzard
Dexter Loomis as Mercy Buzzard

I could not have written a better start to this story myself. This evoked so much emotion right off the bat. As an older wrestling fan, who has seen plenty of angles, and ways to portray a storyline, it is not easy to illicit legitimate emotion. The promise and the hope this five-minute segment has brought me has completely reinvigorated the youthful side of my WWE fandom.

It will be interesting to see who the first legitimate target of the Wyatt Family will be. I think we got a pretty solid answer on Monday. Chad Gable was the only notable person to be attacked by the group. Will there be more with Gable and the Wyatt's or is he written off as they continue to attack the locker room?

Rowan as Ramblin' Rabbit
Rowan as Ramblin' Rabbit

If you would like to watch the entire video here is the tweet from WWE showing the bone-chilling debut of the Modern Day Wyatt Family.


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