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The Mets Desperately Need a Captain

As a kid, I had a David Wright poster on my wall. That poster stayed there until 2020, long after he retired. When I went to games as a kid, whenever David Wright would be up to bat, Citi Field would erupt into applause over our captain. David Wright has left a permanent mark on the Mets. My family still has my David Wright poster on the wall in the basement. With our New York neighbors naming Aaron Judge as their captain, I agree that it is time for the Mets to choose a captain, but who should it be?

The Issue At Hand For The Mets

There seems to be a lack of camaraderie between the Mets and their fans nowadays. You either love some players or hate them. The Mets themselves also do not seem as bonded as a team as they did in the past. There needs to be more of a “one for all” mentality in the team instead of all the players playing for themselves. A captain would fix a lot of these problems by instilling the fact they are playing as a team. This would also hopefully give the crowd something to cheer for, and give younger fans someone to aspire to be like. Hopefully, these players would give the organization options for the new Mets captain.

Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso seems like a no-brainer to become the latest captain of the Mets. He has amassed a large fan base with his home run capabilities and his enthusiastic personality. However, the front office has not moved to keep him after the upcoming season (that is for another article). For Mets fans everywhere, it came as quite a shock that the management did not offer Alonso a long-term contract. Unless they show that they want to keep Pete for a very long time, then he should not be in the running for captain of the Mets.

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor should also be in the running to become captain of the Amazins. He has an eccentric personality and embodies the pride and the beauty of modern-day New York City. As a player, he could hit more, and as an infielder, he could put more enthusiasm into getting the ball into his glove. I always hope that the Mets can hit more and field better, but being okay at it seems essential to being a Met.

Jeff McNeil

My next two picks are in no particular order, as I deem them as some of the best representors of the New York Mets club and culture. First off, we have Jeff McNeil, otherwise known as "The Squirrel". He has been with the Mets since 2018 and has been an essential part of our minor successes. Known for his leaps and dives to catch a ball hit into the infield, his tenacity knows no bounds. His contract is until 2026, and if the management can extend that contract or offer him a new one, then we have a crucial player who has played for almost a decade and has blue and orange flowing through his veins would make an amazing captain for the New York Mets.

Brandon Nimmo

My final pick for the Mets’ new captain is Brandon Nimmo. It seems like every game he makes some sort of remarkable play by soaring several feet into the air to rob the opposing team of a home run. He is also a decent hitter too. He made his debut with the Mets in 2016, a year after their World Series run. The Met has recently signed an 8-year contract with the team, and that would lead him to the end of his career. It would be amazing to see him as a captain of the team that he started and ended his wonderful career with.


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