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The Jets Are Playing Scared, Pathetic Football

New York was handed their second straight loss of the season and 15th straight from the New England Patriots by a score of 15-10 this past Sunday.

The defense was able to bounce back after letting up 30 points to Dallas a week ago, although Zach Wilson and the rest of the Jets offense wishes they could say the same.

What Are The Jets Doing?

We all know that Zach Wilson is more than likely the bigger issue at hand when it comes to the Jets' struggles on offense. However, the way the coaching staff continues to sell us on their "confidence" in Zach is just as concerning when you sit back and ask yourself, what type of season do they have us signed up for?

All that we’ve heard from the Jets is that they have a lot of confidence in their former second-overall pick to go out there and get the job done. However in reality, what New York continues to show us on the field in terms of the game plan and play-calling, is the complete opposite.

Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett, and the rest of this coaching staff are making it painfully obvious that they don’t want Zach Wilson doing too much. Their inability to attempt passes down the field has made them a very one-dimensional offense these last two weeks.

The Jets are making their offense very easy for defenses to figure out. Opponents not having to worry about the long ball automatically puts New York at a disadvantage. By doing so you are getting the results that we have been seeing so far, an inefficient run game and nothing but check-down passes for less than five yards. THRILLING.

Now Zach deserves his fair share of the blame for this as well since he's probably more comfortable throwing to the check-down guy as opposed to trying to make the big play. But that's it right there, as a coaching staff how could you say he has any confidence in himself after watching these last two games? On top of that, the Jets appear to be in no rush to sign another quarterback to the roster, which makes me wonder how they are viewing this season going forward.

The way the Jets have approached these last two weeks feels like they are expecting to get Aaron Rodgers back soon. It feels as if they don’t want Zach to do too much and ultimately be the reason why we lose games, as if he just needs to tread water until Rodgers returns.

Well, how’s that working out so far? In a simplified offense, Zach still can't figure it out and now you're making him play with one arm tied behind his back. Wilson is in his third season and the Jets are treating him as if they just drafted him this year and know that he’s not ready for NFL action yet.

Unfortunately, as long as Zach is still the quarterback, as bad as it can potentially look, you have to let him loose. I get it, nobody planned for the Rodgers injury and Wilson was supposed to sit behind him all year, but injuries happen. It would have been nice to see what Wilson could potentially do a couple of years down the road after learning from Aaron Rodgers, but that dream got turned on its head.

Moving forward the Jets need to be very clear on how they actually feel about Zach Wilson. If you truly have the confidence that you say you do, then show us. If not, then coddling him does nobody any good. If this continues to be the case, then it’s probably best to just replace him and let Zach continue the season as he and the team had originally planned, on the bench.

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