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The Indiana Pacers Are Building Something Special

For most of their time as a franchise, the Indiana Pacers have been stuck in mediocrity. They are often too good for a top draft pick but must be better to be true contenders.

There have been moments with Reggie Miller and Paul George when you believed they could be special, but it never turned into anything.

However, this new young core is so special it could lead to a championship. Let's take a look.

What Do The Indiana Pacers Have?

The Pacers already have a few integral pieces that could help form their team to elite-level competition. The most obvious player to mention is Tyrese Haliburton.

Haliburton averaged 20 points and ten assists per game this season and got the all-star nod for the first time. He is now the conductor of this team, and at only 23 years old, he can be here for the long haul.

Haliburton has the chance to become your first franchise player since Paul George, excluding Victor Oladipo, because it is only one year (Injuries suck). But for Haliburton to truly thrive, they need players around him. Lucky for both the Pacers and Haliburton, they got something.

Buddy Hield was brought over in the same trade that brought Haliburton and shot over 40 percent from three last year while averaging nearly 17 points per game. If that makes sense, Hield is a perfect complimentary weapon to Haliburton, the Klay to his Steph.

I'm not comparing them as players, but more of the creative point guard with a trusty shooter. Speaking of trusty players, there is also Myles Turner. Turner is a consistent monster on the defensive side, averaging over two blocks per game to go with seven to eight rebounds.

But you also now have Benedict Mathurin and Jarace Walker. Mathurin was the sixth pick in the draft last year and, as a rookie, averaged nearly 17 points per game. Mathurin was also a consistent threat, being able to pop off for 25 any game it felt like.

You also added Jarace Walker to this year's draft. Walker is a defensive force and another monster rebounder to go next to Turner. He's already shown much of his high basketball sense in the summer league and could prove it even more during the season.

So Are The Pacers Going To Be Good This Season?

Truly, I don't know. This is still a decently young core with great potential outside of Turner. The potential might not be tapped into. Give it two or three years, but after that, it'll be terrifying for opponents once they hit their primes.

The Pacers have also done it properly, with few trades that make sense, smart deals for contracts, and building through the draft. If the Pacers keep it up, be ready for them to become a contender in a few years.

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