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The Guardians Kicked Off MLB Winter Meetings With A Bang

The MLB winter meetings are going on this week in Nashville, Tennessee, where we see a bunch of MLB managers, front office members, and sometimes players gathering to make trades and sign free agent deals.

The MLB Draft Lottery also took place there on Tuesday night, and the Cleveland Guardians got a major surprise.

Cleveland might not have had the season they wanted after going to the playoffs in 2022 and declining in 2023, but getting the first pick in the 2024 draft has to feel a little good.

Of course, having the first pick in the MLB Draft is not like having the first pick in the NFL or NBA Draft. The Guardians will probably draft some 18-year-old schooler who will have to work his way up the farm system for a few seasons before sniffing the majors or drafting some college kid who might've already peaked.

The good news is the Guardians are a good team not like the Kansas City Royals or Oakland Athletics, who need a lot of help and would have benefited from the number one pick.

The Guardians already have some nice young pieces and a sound farm system. Cleveland could very well win the A.L. Central in 2024 with a few upgrades at some positions.

It isn't the end of the world if the player they draft at number one doesn't become a star within the next five years.

Cleveland can always field a decent team with how great their front office is, but getting an All-Star with this number-one pick in the next few years would be fantastic.

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