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The Great Gronk: Top Five Amazing Plays In Gronk’s Career

Another Patriots legend announced his retirement with so many great Patriots players coming and going.

Rob Gronkowski announced that he is retiring on social media at age 33, marking an incredible 11-year career from one of the all-time tight ends and players.

Although he may be retired, he won’t be forgotten by the fans. So today, this article will take a moment to appreciate the great plays Gronk has made in his career with the Patriots.

Five: Gronk Steamrolling Through Defenders

This play by Gronk will always be iconic. In a regular-season game in 2011 against the Redskins, Gronk pulled off a fantastic catch. It was a simple screenplay, but Gronk managed to run with THREE defenders on his back and pick up some yards after the catch.

This is all over the media, as it showed off Gronk’s great strength and power on the field as a tight end. The Patriots won 34-27, advancing to 10-3 on the season. Gronk also finished the game with six catches, 160 yards, and two touchdowns. What a great stat line!

This Redskins performance was one of the games that made Gronk one of the most feared players in all league history.

Four: Gronk And The Double-Covered Catch

Although that play showed his strength, Gronk has made many great catches in his career.

One unforgettable one was during the 2011 divisional game against the Broncos. Brady threw a lob pass in the end zone to Gronk, who ended up catching it with two defenders covering him.

Not many tight ends can show that great athleticism and flexibility that Gronk did during this play, and this touchdown came up huge during the blowout.

The Patriots ended up moving on, beating the Broncos 45-10. Gronk finished the game with ten catches, 145 yards, and that one incredible touchdown.

Three: Gronk And The OBJ Catch

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This play that Gronk made was also against the Broncos, but this was during 2014

Brady threw the ball forwards the red zone, and Gronk ended up being double covered and catching it one-handed! This play showed the impossible, and Gronk made this wonderful catch which had all fans in shock. To this day, this is one of Gronk’s most known catches!

The Patriots won 43-21, advancing to 7-2 on the year. Gronk had a great stat line of nine catches, 105 yards, and one touchdown.

Two: Clutch Catch During A Tough Loss

Although this was one of the Patriots’ most significant defeats, it’s hard to forget this play that Gronk shined in.

While the Patriots were down and needed a touchdown, Gronk provided by making a tremendous double-covered catch against the Eagles in the 2018 super bowl.

The Patriots’ defense was struggling badly in this game, and this play put the Patriots back into the fight then and showed how much of a significant threat he can be.

Unfortunately, the Patriots lost the super bowl 41-33, but Gronk had a great game with nine catches, 116 yards, and that one clutch touchdown.

One: The Catch To Seal The Deal

Although this may not be the best catch in Gronk’s career, it’s the most memorable due to the moment. Gronk caught the ball double-covered late into the game against the Rams in Super Bowl 53.

The catch was still great, but it stands out since this was a defensive-riddled championship, as that play before the touchdown capped off the victory. The Patriots ended up winning 13-3, and Brady got his sixth super bowl ring, marking the last trophy the Patriots have won since then.

Gronk finished the game with six catches and 87 yards, which isn’t his best, but he came out with outstanding reliability when New England needed it the most.


There are so many great plays to recap on Gronk’s fantastic career that it’s hard to list them all (for example, his diving catch against the Broncos in 2011).

Gronk capped off his career with the Patriots, finishing with 521 catches, 7861 yards, and 79 touchdowns, as one of Brady’s all-time favorite targets.

However, we can’t rule out the possibility that he’s fully retired, as he could return like he did in 2020 for the Buccaneers.

Either way, Gronk had a legendary career with the Patriots, he’s going to be missed and go down as one of the greatest tight ends of all time. Possibly one of the most dominated players over the past 30 years.

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