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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of This Cowboys Trade

Just when the Dallas Cowboys begin to fade out of the headlines, they cannonball right back into them. As of Friday evening, the Cowboys traded a 2024 fourth-round pick to the San Fransisco 49ers for former 3rd overall pick Trey Lance, according to Adam Schefter. The Cowboys get a new backup QB for the price of a mid-rounder. Let's discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this trade.

The Good Of The Trade

The best part about this trade is that the Cowboys upgraded their backup quarterback position. Adding a young, unproven quarterback to take mentorship from Dak Prescott could prove valuable for the Cowboys. Essentially, the Cowboys now have what could be a diamond in the rough waiting if Prescott cannot get the job done over the next couple of seasons. Building depth for the future is never a bad thing and that is what the Cowboys view this trade as, building for the future.

The Bad Of The Trade

Here is where the Cowboys made a mistake. Most importantly, you give up a fourth-round pick that could have been used for a future star (hypothetically). Lance was not valued in San Fran and was traded away for much less value than anticipated. Now, he enters a Cowboys quarterback room where he could very well be QB3 on the depth chart. Putting Lance in the spot he was just traded from makes no sense to me.

The only way this makes sense is if the Cowboys are automatically putting Lance as the primary backup to Prescott. However, Cooper Rush has very much earned that role considering he knows the playbook and was 5-1 as a starter when Prescott was out. Rush has proven he is capable of being the right backup so unless Lance immediately outperforms Rush in practice, this will be interesting to watch.

The Ugly Of The Trade

The ugly side of this trade might not be something that affects the Cowboys immediately but could affect them over time. What do we think this trade says to Dak Prescott? This trade could easily appear like a slight warning to Dak. "Hey Dak, we traded for a young unproven QB that could take your job in the future if you don't produce." Cooper Rush will obviously have more competition on his hands than Dak for now but this could ruffle some feathers in the quarterback room.

You give up a draft pick to bring in someone who can threaten Dak's job? I cannot make sense of this trade simply because I feel for Dak and what this might mean behind the scenes. Do I know what the dynamic will be between Dak and Trey? Absolutely not but this will be something to keep an eye on not only this season but for the future of the Cowboys overall. For someone like Dak who has two years left on his contract, this would make me sweat bullets that Jerry and company are gearing up for your replacement.

Final Thoughts For The Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have made their way back into the headlines, surprising right? Trey Lance landing in Dallas is a 50/50 shot. Lance could flourish as Dak's backup and become a reliable piece of the quarterback room. If Dak regresses by the end of his contract, Lance could be primed and ready to take over. On the other hand, Lance could waste away in Dallas as well and be gone as quickly as he arrived. Only time will tell what the future holds for the former 3rd overall pick as he prepares to suit up in Big D for 2023-24.


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