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The Good, Bad, And Ugly From Joe Burrow’s Week One Performance

Joe Burrow is the heart and soul of the Cincinnati Bengals, and he struggled in the week one matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Burrow and the Bengals offense turned the ball over five times yet only lost 23-20 after the Bengals missed multiple game-winning kicks in overtime to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, the Bengals lost their only rostered long snapper in the middle of the game, so on the final two attempts, Cincinnati was forced to use a backup tight end, Mitchell Wilcox, to step in, and he just wasn’t fast enough or accurate enough to make a clean snap that resulted in a good outcome. The first one was too slow, and it got blocked, and the second one was too high, and the laces were in, which led to a complete botch.

Burrow’s very first throw led to a pick-six and was thrown into triple coverage, and then he followed it up with a few more interceptions throughout the first half and early in the third quarter. However, the biggest takeaway from this game shouldn’t be the flaws. It should be that despite all of the turnovers and sacks, Joe Burrow put his team in a position to win the game on multiple occasions. He delivered when he needed to, threw for 338 passing yards, two touchdowns, and rushed six times for 47 yards.

Those are things that will go unnoticed but shouldn’t. You can see a lot about a guy’s character when things aren’t going their way and the chips aren’t falling in their favor. How do they respond? Burrow showed you a lot about his character in Sunday’s loss. He never flinched.

The Bengals head on their first road trip this weekend against the Dallas Cowboys, who will be without their star QB Dak Prescott who suffered a hand/thumb injury in Sunday night’s loss.

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