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The Golden Sharpshooter Stephen Curry is Missing His Mark

Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio. Curry has made various achievements throughout his time in the National Basketball Association which makes him a hot topic. In every sport, some players are never forgotten. Curry will leave as an inspiration for the future generation of aspiring basketball players just like Michael Jordan and Magic Mike.


The Origin of the Legendary Sharpshooter.

Stephen Curry is the son of Dell Curry who is a retired shooting guard for the Toronto Raptors between 199-2002. His mother, Sonya Curry played various sports such as volleyball and track and field during her prime. Sonya was a big influence on Stephen and his development as a basketball player. During his childhood, Stephen played basketball every chance he had which gave him an advantage over his competition.

In 2001, Stephen Curry attended Queensway and was underestimated by his peers because of his size. Curry intimidated the people who doubted him by showing them that he could shoot a basketball from anywhere on the court and that leaving him open was a bad idea.

During high school, Curry changed the way he shot a basketball because it was easy for taller players to block him. In doing so, he became the fastest shooter in the NBA franchise.

The NBA Contract of the Century

Curry didn’t get any scholarships from Virginia Tech because they thought that he was going to be outmatched by bigger and heavier opponents if he played basketball. His life changed when Bob McKillop reached out and offered him a scholarship to attend Davidson College.

Bob McKillop has been interested in recruiting Stephen Curry since the 10th grade. When Virginia Tech, McKillop took advantage of the opportunity. In 2008, Curry made 162 3-points in one season which was a new record for that time.

In 2017, Curry was offered a $200 million contract by the Golden State Warriors and helped them increase their winning percentage from 68% to 85%. During the 2017-2018 finals, Curry helped the Golden State Warriors win 108-85 against the Cleveland Cavilers with a 4-0 lead. Every time Curry was recruited by a team, they became relevant and newsworthy.

The Early Retirement of the Sharpshooter

Even though Curry made some amazing achievements during his career as a basketball player, his talent is short-lived. In 2018, Curry was cut from the game because he had an outburst when a teammate wouldn’t pass him the ball. Stephen Curry has been used to his teammates giving him the ball to the point that he expected it. He threw his mouthpiece at the crowd out of frustration and was cut from the game.

In 2019, Curry only played five games with the Warriors after losing to the Dallas Mavericks by 126-91. His season ended early when he had to get surgery to repair his broken metal carpal.  His injuries slowed down the Golden State Warriors in 2020 which cost them their ticket to the playoffs.

In 2023, Curry got an ankle injury after losing against the Chicago Bulls with a score of 125-122. Curry is also suffering from a disease called keratoconus which impacts his ability to see. Soon Curry will be forced to retire or his coach, Steve Kurr will have to cancel his contract. The Golden State Warriors will not be able to “pass the ball to Stephen Curry” and have a guaranteed point next season which will make them look bad. It’s also expected that Curry will have more injuries and bench time in future games.

As of March 15, 2024, The Golden State Warriors have 34 wins and 31 losses, which is their worst performance with an intact core in a long, long time. The Warriors started the 2023-24 season off strong until Curry was injured and the team started falling apart. The Golden State Warriors don't look like they are going to make it to the playoffs this year - currently, they're on the edge of the play-in picture - and for them to do much more than make an appearance in the play-in, Steph will need to come back strong.


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