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The Frightening Effect Lamar Jackson Could Have On This NFC Team

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson just had the non-exclusive franchise tag placed on him. This means he is owed 32.46 million dollars for one year, and they have until July to reach a long-term deal, or he will have to play under the tag for the upcoming season.

Another interesting thing about the tag is that Lamar can negotiate with other teams, and if Jackson signs with a team the Ravens will have five days to either match the offer or lose him and gain two first-round picks in return.

This Lamar Jackson situation needs to get more attention. Teams would rather lose or employ worse players than pay a Former MVP in his prime. Can you imagine Burrows getting a NON Exclusive tag and there being NO interest?! Its INSANE! — Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) March 8, 2023

The Ravens have had over two years of extending Jackson and making him a Raven for life, but they have no intentions of doing it, and I don’t see why that would change in the next week.

Jackson won the 2019 NFL MVP in his second season and he will be heading into his sixth season this upcoming year. Jackson when healthy is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but he has missed a total of ten games in the last two years due to an injury.

Jackson is a nightmare for opposing defense because he is one of the best playmakers with the ball in his hands, and when you think you have him contained he breaks away and runs for another 30 yards.

Why are all of these teams so publicly “out” on Lamar Jackson, an MVP winner in his prime at the most important position in the entire NFL? What am I missing here? — JJ Watt (@JJWatt) March 7, 2023

Every team that needs a franchise quarterback should be running for his services, but it doesn’t seem like there is a lot out there for him at the moment.

Why The Detroit Lions Should Want Lamar Jackson?

A team that should be all over Jackson is the Detroit Lions. The Lions finished last year 9-8 and almost made the playoffs under second-year head coach Dan Campbell.

Campbell has been a shocking surprise of how great he has done leading the Lions back from being a team who could hardly win into a team that could win the NFC North this season.

Should the Lions make a push for Lamar Jackson? 🤔 — FanDuel (@FanDuel) March 8, 2023

The Lions are quarterbacked by Jared Goff, but Goff doesn’t have the talent that Jackson has, and Jackson can take the offense to new heights that Goff just can’t get to.

The Lions have a very good offensive line and they have one of the best playmakers out of the backfield in D’Andre Swift. The receiving core has some studs in Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jameson Williams.

The Lions are set up to be a very good team moving forward, and Jackson could make them a contender in a weak NFC.

Lamar Jackson would also get to play in a dome for his home games, and he would also get to play in a dome for one road game every year in Minnesota.

For a player like Jackson who uses his legs and feet a lot, a dome is very important to be able to not have wet surfaces where he could be slipping and falling.

The NFC Is Wide Open

The NFC has a lack of star-power quarterbacks. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired, and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be heading to the New York Jets.

Lamar Jackson would be the best quarterback in the NFC North and would be top three in the entire NFC.

The Lions have never even been to a Super Bowl, and their fanbase deserves to contend for one so why not add one of the best playmakers in the NFL at the most important position?

The window for the Lions is open at the moment, and they would have to work some things out with Goff’s contract, but they do have the draft capital to get Jackson, and they also have enough capital to still draft guys to put around him.



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