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The Five Most Anticipated Bills Games Of The 2022 NFL Season

The 2022 NFL Schedule is out, and NFL fans are extremely excited. The Buffalo Bills have more primetime games this coming season than any year prior in the 21st century. In fact, so far, they have played in more primetime games with Josh Allen as their quarterback (14 games) than they have in the previous decade (13 games).

The Bills have five primetime games (six if you include the Thanksgiving game against the Lions that takes place at 12:30pm) this year, which are set to potentially be the best games of the Bills season and the best games of the NFL season. However, it’s not just the primetime games set to be barnburners. Several afternoon games have the chance to be explosively entertaining as well. Here are my five most anticipated Buffalo Bills games of the coming NFL season.

5. Bills @ Ravens Week 4, Sunday at 1pm

The Jury’s been out on the 2018 draft for a while now, and while Josh Allen wasn’t the first Quarterback to get drafted, he is one of the two QBs drafted that are still starting; the other is Lamar Jackson. Both Allen and Jackson had no shortage of doubters coming out of the draft as both were viewed at best as risky and at worst as busts. Well, it’s been four years, and since then, the Bills and Ravens have defied what those critics thought when they picked their future QBs.

Allen and Jackson are now two pro bowl caliber players and perennial playoff favorites. The only question left about them is who looks better in shorts? Just joking; we know it’s Josh. The real question is, who is the better quarterback? Tune in, and we may find out. The Bills and Ravens could be sporting their strongest rosters since they handed the keys of their franchises to both Allen and Jackson. This will make for a surely exciting matchup.

4. Bills @ Bengals Week 17, Monday at 8:30pm

Much ado has been made of Joe Burrow and the Bengals. This is expected when your quarterback is the number one overall draft pick and a Heisman Trophy winner, and your team unexpectedly makes the Super Bowl in his second season. Like the Bills, the Bengals are part of the “loveable losers” club. Both teams have been mediocre until recently and have had some bad beats thrown their way. There’s little animosity between fanbases as both Bills Fans and Bengals Fans have cheered for each other’s success, given their difficult pasts.

Nonetheless, since the Bengals helped the Bills break their playoff drought in 2017 with a startling fourth-quarter comeback, both teams have been in a quiet, friendly competition. The matchup will be intense as the Bengals almost won the Super Bowl last year but had problems closing out the game. This year they will be playing with a chip on their shoulder, and the stakes couldn’t be higher as both teams will likely be in top seed contention when they meet up to play the second to last game of the regular season.

3. Bills @ Chiefs Week 6, Sunday at 4:25pm

In what is becoming one of the greatest rivalries in sports, the Bills take on the Chiefs in Arrowhead in week six. Both teams have traded back and forth in the past few years with being the odds-on favorite to win it all.

At first, the Chiefs were the better team, handling the Bills in both the regular season and the playoffs. Since then, the talent gap between the two teams has narrowed. Last season, the Bills handed them a shellacking in the regular-season matchup only to be “defeated” by them in the second round of the playoffs. Many people consider it the greatest playoff game ever played.

After that game, it became apparent that the Chiefs could not automatically be considered the better team. They’re still the litmus test as the Chiefs are still top Super Bowl contenders and one of the most complete teams in the league. A victory against the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs always feels good and will undoubtedly keep the pundits talking. Let’s just hope a Bills beat down doesn’t ruin the friendship between Mahomes and Allen.

2. Bills vs. Titans Week 2, Monday at 7:15pm

Derrick Henry, his name should fill your heart with dread. He had 143 yards and 3 TDs in the heartbreaking 31-34 loss to the Titans last year. It’s even more frustrating when you remember the 42-16 loss the year prior in the re-scheduled game due to the pandemic (Henry had 2 TDs in that game as well). The Titans appear to be the Bills Kryptonite. Only Titans fans would disagree that the Bills are the better team, with more talent at just about every position except RB, but somehow the Bills keep losing to them.

This year the Bills face the Titans in Week 2 on Monday night as the Bills home opener, and Highmark Stadium will be rocking. This much-anticipated rematch should be thrilling as the Bills added some key players to stymie the Titans offense led by Henry. Additions such as Kaiir Elam and Von Miller should help contain the run by keeping the passing game limited and the QB on lockdown. Circling the wagons on the Titans is what Bills fans will need to get the bad taste of the last two years of losses out of the mouths of Bills fans. Well, that and beer and wings.

1. Bills @ Rams Week 1, Thursday at 8:20pm

Easily the most anticipated Bills game going into the 2022 season. There is no primetime matchup better than kicking off the NFL season. There is no great rivalry against the Rams or losses in recent memory that need to be avenged. In fact, the 35-32 victory the Bills had over the Rams in 2020 left them feeling confident as it was their third win in a row of what would be a 4 game winning streak. One storyline before this season between the Bills and the Rams is who has the better Sean, Mcdermott or Mcvay? The debate is still open as to which coach is better than the other, and this game may help determine an answer.

However, the biggest storyline now is the return of Von Miller to his previous team, which he helped carry to a Super Bowl. Von’s return, coupled with the fact that both the Rams and Bills are two powerhouse teams on both sides of the ball, should lead to a spectacular offensive and defensive matchup. Add the fact that this is the first time ever that the Bills have played in the NFL season kickoff game. This may be exciting for Bills fans, but it could also be the best matchup of the 2022 NFL season.



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