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The Evolution of Brett Baty

From being a “Baby Met” to becoming one of the key players to the depth of the squad, Brett Baty has evolved into a stellar third-baseman.

His First Season

In 2022, Brett Baty was introduced to the New York Mets, along with Francisco Alvarez and Mark Vientos. While Alvarez excelled at his position as a catcher and proved himself to be a home run machine, Baty and Vientos would alternate as third basemen. Due to his poor hitting and defensive skills, he would be sent to the Syracuse Mets after only 11 games to gain more experience in a professional baseball environment.

His Second Season

In 2023, Baty and Vientos were back again alternating at third base. At this point, Mets fans dubbed Baty, Vientos, and Alvarez “The Baby Mets”. He played in 107 games last season, much improved from his 11 games in the previous season. His batting average was .212 and his OBP was .275. While his offense improved from 2022, his defense was still shaky, as he missed many catches and made many errors during this season.

The Current Season

During the offseason, Baty worked on his strength and confidence in the game too. He showed up to spring training with more muscle mass than in previous seasons and had 13 hits in 19 games. Three of those hits were home runs. Again, Vientos would be sent to the Syracuse Mets, which allowed Brett Baty to be the Mets’ starting third baseman consistently.

The Mets had a laughable start to the season, as they went 0-5 in the first five games. Brett Baty however, showed major improvement in his offensive and defensive abilities. In more recent games, he has made very impressive catches to end innings and quickly make plays. He already has 18 hits in 17 games and a home run. His development as a player and a teammate has been significant and hopefully, Brett the Met will continue to improve this season.

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