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The Eagles’ Biggest Steals Of The 2022 NFL Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft is now long-since over. All that remains other than UDFA signings is content or regret.

After multiple years of lackluster draft selections by the Eagles, many probably thought this was just going to be another one of those Deja vu type moments. After years of fans questioning the franchise’s decision making in the draft, Howie Roseman has finally redeemed himself.

The Eagles stole the show by trading picks throughout the draft, whether it was to move up or move back, or even trading for wide receiver, AJ Brown. The Eagles were aggressive in this year’s draft. With the Eagles having one of their more productive drafts, who was the biggest steal for Philly?

#3: Jordan Davis, DT

If you happened to watch Davis play this past season, you will know he is nothing short of a freak of nature. The former Georgia Bulldog recorded 32 tackles, five tackles for a loss, and two sacks in 2021. Davis has dominant power and size that is amplified by his 6’6″, 341lbs frame. It will be nearly impossible for offensive lineman to go one on one with Davis and expect win.

The Eagles were not the only team interested in Davis. Many reports indicated that the Baltimore Ravens would have selected Davis with the 14th overall pick. Whether the reports were true or not, the Eagles were not going to take that chance.

The Eagles made a blockbuster trade with the Houston Texans sending their 15th overall pick along with a fourth-round selection (No. 124) and two fifth-round picks (Nos. 162 and 166) for the 13th overall pick. You could say the Eagles stole Davis from right underneath the Ravens.

#2: Cam Jurgens, C

The confusion and animosity was starting to settle in when Eagles fans heard Jurgens name called in Round Two. The Eagles had some impending holes to address on the defensive front as well as a secondary that needed improvement. It was shocking to see that the Eagles went for Jurgens with the 51st overall pick. The Eagles’ diabolical plan is to have Jurgens be the future successor to Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce.

Ironically, Jurgens has been most comparable to Jason Kelce when it comes to his skillset and athleticism. The former Cornhusker will get the opportunity to be mentored by arguably the best center in the league. With Kelce recently signing a one-year deal to stay with the Eagles, it appears that Jurgen will be the starting Center for the 2023 season.

You might be saying to yourself, how is this a steal in draft? Well, not only was Kelce’s replacement drafted. Kelce himself, had a part in helping select his own replacement.

“I knew we were taking him,” Kelce said as a guest on Bleacher Report’s NFL Draft Show. “This is my favorite player in the draft.”

How many guys in the league do you think are able to help draft their own replacement? It is a rarity in and of its own.

#1. Nakobe Dean, LB

Yet another former Georgia Bulldog has been taken by the Eagles. Dean was the top prospect at the linebacker position and was expected to be taken in the first round of the draft. Due to some concerns regarding Dean’s health, he ended up sliding to the third round.

With Dean’s “injury status,” in mind, NFL reporter Matt Lombardo commented that many teams felt that Dean’s rookie campaign would be a “redshirt year.” However, Dean felt he needed to clear the air:

“Things that were not true cost me a lot of money,” Dean stated. “That was the thing that was so surprising and mind-boggling. It was never, I went to doctors, got second opinions and everything, and nobody — nobody — said I should have surgery. Nobody had told me I had to have surgery. So, for that to come up and for teams to be saying that and waiting until the day of the draft to say something like that, that was kind of crazy to me.” Dean has silenced the drama and has been a full participant in the Eagles’ rookie minicamp.

After years of hoping and searching, it seems that the Eagles have finally found their “Leader of the Defense.” The 2021 Butkus Award Recipient and unanimous All-American is exactly what Eagles’ fans have been begging for.

Dean’s play recognition and sideline-to-sideline speed alone will make him a force to be reckoned with. It is absolutely mind blowing that Dean fell to be the 83rd overall pick. The Eagles got the steal of the entire draft.

A New Era

With rookie minicamps underway, we will get a glimpse of how this draft class will hold up to the challenge of being in the National Football League. Preseason is less than three months away and coaches will be getting their rookies up to speed. It will be interesting to see how these rookies will perform on the big stage.

Which rookie will shine above the rest? Who do you believe was the Eagles’ biggest steal in the draft?

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