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At This Rate, The Eagles Will Struggle During The Playoffs

The Philadelphia Eagles will make it to the playoffs, but there are some obstacles that they will have to overcome to get back to the Super Bowl. This Sunday, they will have to face the Chicago Bears with some of their key players unable to play because of injuries. To make matters worse, several players left the Eagles and signed contracts for other teams. The Eagles' defense and offense have been getting worse this year with their key players either injured or transferred.

Injured Players

The Philadelphia Eagles currently have 6 players who are injured, which will greatly impact their performance moving forward. Albert Okwuegbunam hasn’t played since week 13 and he's one of the main offense players for the Eagles. Linebacker Nakobe Dean is currently suffering from a foot injury and will not be returning to the Eagles for the rest of the year. Since major players are currently injured and won't be returning for the rest of the season, we will start to notice their performance go down in the playoffs.

Team Members Who Transferred

Several players transferred to other teams this season which has already affected the Philadelphia Eagles and their performance this year. T.J. Edwards who was the linebacker for the Eagles from 2019-2023 was offered a three-year contract from the Chicago Bears worth 19.5 million dollars in March 2023. Kyzir White, who was another linebacker who left the Eagles in March, signed a two-year contract with the Cardinals. With several star players transferring to other teams, we are bound to see a change of pace from the Eagles moving forward.

Inconsistent Plays Made This Year

The Eagles displayed poor defense overall this season. According to @Swagu, "The odds are against the Eagles because they traded defensive players in the middle of the season, making them worse" Their offense this year hasn't been that good either. The throws made by the Eagles this season overall have been shorter, even though the ball was held longer on average. Last year, the Eagles were 14-3 and dominant, compared to 11-5 this year, which shows that their performance is declining - and the eye test hasn't been any kinder there.

The Eagles Could Give The Giants An Advantage

This Sunday, the Giants, as with any divisional opponent, will be a challenge for them. The floundering Birds will need to end the season on a good note heading into the playoffs, and they'll face a Giants team who tested them considerably in their first meeting.

Since some of the Eagle's star players are either injured or traded off to another team, their defense and offense have gone down which is going to make it hard for them to move forward in the playoffs. On the other hand, their aggressive acquisition push has added a lot of talent, and if things can come together in the playoffs, the NFC title is very much in play.


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