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The Dodgers Are Swimming In Scrooge McDuck Money, And They Couldn't Care Less What You Think

If you have ever sat down and watched anything made by Disney, you probably have seen a duck wearing a blue shirt, a red bow, and a blue hat, and his name is Donald.

His Uncle Scrooge McDuck, with his money tree, is a striking symbol for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Their wealth, as vast and seemingly limitless as Scrooge's own, is a testament to their financial prowess. 

Scrooge doesn't care what you think about him and will spend every last dime in his pocket for what he wants and when he wants it. The Dodgers have treated this year's free agency the same way. 

Dodgers Big Purchases

A few weeks ago, they signed the best player in baseball, Shohei Ohtani, to a 10-year, 700 million dollar deal, for which he will be paid two million a year for the next ten years and then will pay his deferred 68 million a year starting in 2034. 

Many were outraged that the Dodgers would only have to pay Ohtani two million a year while he is playing for them, and they pretty much got a massive discount because when they pay him the 68 million a year in ten years, that might seem small considering where the market is. 

Well, on Thursday night, the Dodgers said screw your feelings, and we are going to sign the second-best free agent on the market, Japanese pitching star Yoshinobu Yamamoto. 

Yamamoto signed for 12 years, 325 million. The Dodgers have given out over a billion dollars this offseason to two players. 

Most MLB teams can't afford one player for 10 million, and the Dodgers are out throwing around a billion dollars for two guys. 

You can be mad at the Dodgers all you want, but it isn't their fault that they are swimming in bags of cash, and the MLB will never put in a salary cap. 

The Dodgers are doing everything right, and if they can afford all these guys and the MLB will let this happen, then more power to them.

Please don't get that mad because it doesn't matter how much they spend and who they sign. We all know they will get swept in the NLDS next season by a team whose payroll is 250 million dollars less.

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