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The Detroit Lions Blowing Their Super Bowl Appearance Was Amazing For The NFL

All NFL fans should be thanking the Detroit Lions for their entertainment and talking points at work and school today because only the Lions, in a shocking turn of events, could take a 24-7 lead into the half and find a way to lose the game. 

The Lions started the game off scoring the first 14 points, and they were getting whatever they wanted on the ground and in the air. Quarterback Jared Goff looked great, and the Lions were in total control of the game. However, that thought had to enter everyone's mind: These were still the Detroit Lions, and they would find a way to blow it. And, of course, they did, but they did it in a way that was even more disappointing than anyone could have anticipated. 

The San Francisco 49ers came out of halftime and settled for three to make it a two-touchdown game. Then the Lions got the ball driving down the field and got to the 49er's 28-yard line on 4th and 2, and instead of kicking a field goal to go up 27-10, head coach Dan Campbell went for it but didn't pick it up and then set the 49ers up for one of the most incredible plays ever. 

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy threw a bomb of 51 yards to wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

The pass should've been picked off, but it hit off the defender's body. Aiyuk made a fantastic catch and went down at the Lions four yard line, setting up a touchdown and making it a touchdown lead for Detroit. Then, the Lion's star rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs fumbled the ball on their next offensive play, and the 49ers recovered and tied the game up four plays later. 

Everyone knew the Lions were done at this point, and the lead slipped away from them in the most comical way possible. The 49ers would add a field goal and another touchdown, and they would be up 34-24 before you knew it. The Lions added a late touchdown to make the final score 34-31 49ers, but the Lions choked in one of the funniest ways possible.

Everyone knows the Lions are lovable losers, making them unique. Seeing them come close to the Super Bowl was hard for many people to see since we all know them as losers. Still, luckily for America, they showed up in big moments like they do every year and found a way to lose. 

The Lions are like the Chicago Cubs. All we know about them is losing and coming up short in every moment. When the Cubs finally got over the hill in 2016 and won the World Series, we lost a lot of entertainment and jokes, but luckily, the Lions stayed true to themselves and gave us some of the best sports content. 

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