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The Cowboys Can Land This Jovial Player

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Cowboys placed the franchise tag on pending free agent Tony Pollard deciding to release Ezekiel Elliott in the offseason.

Moreover, given how the franchise has handled Tony Pollard’s workload, the Cowboys could be eyeing another running back to take some of the load off the speedster Pollard.

Dallas signed two-time Super Bowl champion Ronald “RoJo” Jones II to a 1-year deal worth 1.2 million. However, the agreement needs to solidify that it was a great deal given the lack of potential in Jones’s ability to qualify as a strong RB 2.

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that the Cowboys could create a lightning and thunder combination, according to ESPN NFL expert Bill Barnwell. Barnwell touched base on the idea if the Tennessee Titans were to release veteran Derrick Henry and his salary, America’s Team could come calling.

If you think about Derrick Henry, you can’t help but think back to his bolstering impact to improve an offense. Let alone; King Henry has been a workhorse for the Tennessee Titans in the past five seasons, touching at least ten touchdowns in the past five campaigns.

Just last season, the running back had 1,538 rushing yards (2nd) with 349 rushing attempts (1st) and tied for second in rushing touchdowns (13). Henry also had his career high in catches (33).

In 2020, the King secured the league’s rushing title for the second consecutive year after recording a record-breaking 2,027 yards paired with 17 touchdowns, becoming the eighth player in NFL history to eclipse 2,000 rushing yards in a single season. In 2019, he was the NFL’s leading rusher with 1,540 yards and 16 touchdowns.

However, Henry is at the end of his contract and has a $17 million cap hit. If Tennessee can trade Henry, the Titans would save $6.26 million in cap space if able to trade him. Under the terms of his contract, the 29-year-old is set to make $10.5 million in base salary in 2023.

However, the Titans can let the running back go if a trade is not agreed upon. After April’s draft, Barnwell projects that the running back will no longer be a Titan.

Should The Cowboys Risk It All For Henry?

The Cowboys could be all in on the Thunder (Henry), dishing out uncontrollable power and punishment, plummeting guys on the ground. Lightning (Pollard) is more of a speedster with a slashing style of play. The style of play allowed the running back to accumulate 1,007 rushing yards, and nine scores.

Dallas could be interested if the Titans cut Henry, knowing that his cut isn’t about production and performance but salary reasons.

Although the information needs to be more accurate, it’s a fair idea and worth a thought.

In addition, the Cowboys could re-sign Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke and the Cowboys didn’t part ways on unfavorable terms, although no pay cut was part of the deal as Zeke wanted. But McCarthy hasn’t ruled out a reunion with the 27-year-old former Cowboy. It’ll be cheaper to sign him to a 1-year tenure than landing Derrick Henry.

The Cowboys could also use a premium pick in the draft for an RB who can replace Tony Pollard.

Mock Draft Predicts Bijan Robinson

If the Cowboys decide to ignore Henry, the Texas team can land Bijan Robinson in the upcoming draft, according to Bleacher Reports mock draft.

Head coach Mike McCarthy says he wants the Cowboys to be a run-first offense.” Robinson fits the ideology. If the Cowboys drafts Robinson or another star runner, the team could save money with the running back playing under the rookie contract.

A four-year deal for pick No. 26 will cost $14 million, or 3.75 million APY. Pollard would want more money, and Henry won’t consider coming to the Cowboys for pennies and scraps. Drafting a running back in the draft may be smarter for Dallas in the long run.



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