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The Cowboys and Eagles Are Stuck In Mediocrity With These Decisions

Both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles ended their seasons in embarrassing fashions. Both teams have also made it clear that their head coaches are being retained.

The Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are in an interesting position. They won 12 games for the third consecutive season and obliterated multiple teams. The defense was strong and the offense improved despite losing offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to the Chargers.

It seemed Mike McCarthy was helping Dallas take the next step. When the playoffs came along, the old Cowboys seemed to show up as they were demolished, out-played, and frankly out-coached by the Green Bay Packers.

Jerry Jones states, "Our loss on Sunday is shared by everyone here, not just Coach McCarthy. Our players. Our coaches. Our front office. Myself. There is accountability for our results. I am accountable for our results."

Jones mentions how it is a collaborative effort and they haven't done well enough as a group to win in the playoffs. While that may be true, it feels as though this team has reached their ceiling with the current coaching staff. They may find themselves struggling to improve in future years unless they make significant changes.

They've played poorly on the road consistently and it seems they invent new ways to lose every year. The Cowboys haven't reached the NFC Championship since 1995. Dan Quinn likely will find a head coaching position in the coming years and Micah Parsons is soon due a massive contract. Both of those obstacles will only make things tougher.

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are in a similar boat, but their sky-high expectations are warranted. Philadelphia reached the Super Bowl last season, and Jalen Hurts was a 2022 MVP candidate. They are in a completely different position this year.

The Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in ugly fashion, Monday. They lost six of their final seven games and fans are clamoring for head coach Nick Sirianni to be fired. The Eagles lost both their offensive and defensive coordinators last offseason— both getting head coaching opportunities and having some success.

Many attribute the struggles to losing those coordinators, so Philadelphia is now working diligently to address the coordinator positions. General manager Howie Roseman is reportedly reaching out to other NFL coaches and agents to begin that process. Many players defended Sirianni and felt he wasn't solely responsible for their struggles.

Jalen Hurts states, "I didn't know he was going anywhere. I have a ton of confidence in everyone in this building. Just a matter of us going out there and playing clean football, and that's been something we have not done."

They'll need to find some really good coordinators, or else the Eagles are doomed for mediocrity. They have the talent, but their championship window may be closing. Also leader and all-pro center Jason Kelce's potential retirement looms.

Cowboys and Eagles Conclusion

The Eagles and Cowboys are betting on their current head coaches to bring more success and give them another chance at a Super Bowl. There's a chance, though, that both teams are stuck in mediocrity for years to come.

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