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The College Football Playoff Model Is Making Another Change

College Football Playoff

The new College Football Playoff (CFP) is here. On Tuesday, the College Football Playoffs Board of Managers unanimously approved a model starting in the 2024 season.

The new format for the CFP is the five highest-ranked conference champions plus the seven highest-ranked teams, as determined by the CFP Selection Committee. This is a change to the original plan. The original 12-team CFP format was set to be the six highest-ranked conference champions plus the six highest-ranked teams.

Now that we have gone over what the new CFP format is. Let's discuss how this will impact the conferences and the individual teams.

In most years, the new CFP format guarantees that the conference champions from the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, and the ACC have a spot in the playoff in addition to the highest-ranked Group of 5 conference champion.

"This is a very logical adjustment for the College Football Playoff based on the evolution of our conference structures since the board first adopted this new format in September 2022," CFP Board of Managers chair Mark Keenum said.

Since I have given you the information on what the new CFP format will look like. I will speak about the updated CFP format as a fan now.

When I received the update on X (formerly Twitter) that the playoff is being expanded to a 12-team format, I shook my head. The powers that be are ruining the sport of college football as each day goes by. Expanding the playoff takes away the value of the regular season and will lessen the quality of the postseason games.

Regardless of my opinion of the new CFP format. This is the new world we live in. The CFP format is 12 teams today. When will 12 teams not be enough? It looks inevitable that the CFP will see another expansion sooner rather than later.



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