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The Clippers Need To Avoid Trading For This Player

The Los Angeles Clippers are reportedly the leading favorite to trade for James Harden, but here is why it would be a big mistake.

Awkward Pairing For The Clippers

When the Clippers signed Russell Westbrook last year, the move was met with both positive and negative opinions. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are injury prone and Russell Westbrook would be able to provide a consistent star on the court, but Russell also does not hit jumpers at a consistent enough rate.

Thankfully for the Clippers, Russell Westbrook blended well with the Clippers. Los Angeles had good shooting to put around Russell, allowing Westbrook to thrive as a passer and attacker. However, with James Harden, both may limit each other.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden, while good passers, need the ball to be effective. Harden is losing his burst and overall aging as a scorer, but Harden still is a good player who is not looking to take a back seat. James Harden, Kawhi, Paul Goerge, and Russell Westbrook all need the ball to be effective, and adding Harden will make the Clippers redundant.

James Harden Won't Win Championships

James Harden's track record is starting to not look good. Harden had numerous tries to win a championship with Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook. He demanded a trade to form a super team of himself, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant, but was not able to win there. He then demanded a trade to form a star duo with Joel Embiid, but they flamed out in the playoffs.

James Harden's play in the playoffs has regressed and he is undependable in the playoffs. The lack of accountability Harden has shown with constantly demanding trades along with his undependable play makes him a risky investment for Los Angeles.


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