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The Cleveland Browns Exhausting Season Will Continue

Can the Browns bounce back in any way? Or will they continue to struggle until Deshaun Watson takes over at quarterback?

Unfortunately, the 2022 Cleveland Browns’ season has been very frustrating, and this is just the beginning. The Cleveland Browns once again find themselves as one of the main jokes around the NFL and they deserve every second of it.

An Offseason Of Emotions

This offseason, the Cleveland Browns decided to upgrade their quarterback position, move off Baker Mayfield, and trade for the Houston Texans’ star quarterback Deshaun Watson. The NFL is a copycat league. The Browns saw other teams succeed by upgrading their quarterback position like the Tampa Buccaneers signing Tom Brady and the Los Angeles Rams trading for Matthew Stafford and going on to win the Super Bowl. The Browns wanted to copy that same formula so when a talented quarterback like Watson became available, they jumped all over it.

Watson was suspended for the first 11 games of the season due to his sexual assault allegations and the Browns are paying every second for it. Watson will be able to return from his suspension in Week 13, but it will be way too late, and the Cleveland Browns’ playoff chances will already be down the drain.

The Surprising Offense

The Cleveland Browns find themselves sitting at 2-3 heading into their Week Six matchup vs the New England Patriots. The Browns have lost by a total of six points in those three games and they lost two games against two teams the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons they had to win if they wanted a chance at the playoffs.

The Cleveland Browns’ offense has been pretty good with backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett but Brissett who never turns over the ball has made two horrible decisions late in games the last two weeks that resulted in interceptions and help seal the win for the opposing teams.

The running back duo Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt with the offensive line has been the heart of this team and they have given everything they’ve got but unfortunately, it is not paying off in the win column.

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A Disaster On Defense

The Cleveland Browns’ defense has been an epic disaster and it seems like it is getting worse every single week. The defensive coordinator Joe Woods is on the hot seat, and he should be. I don’t think he should be blamed for all of it because he is lacking talent on the defensive line and in the linebacker room and they have been terrible all season long.

Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry has swung and missed on every single defensive tackle he has drafted. He took Jordan Elliott in the third round of the 2020 draft, and he has been a disappointment ever since he got to Cleveland. Berry took Tommy Togiai in the fourth round of the 2021 draft and Togiai looks like he won’t be in the league for long if he keeps playing like this. Lastly, Perrion Winfrey who was drafted in the fourth round this year has shown he can play but he also was benched in Week Two due to practice issues that got him sent home.

A key moment happened in Week Three-win vs the Pittsburgh Steelers when starting linebacker and caller of the defense Anthony Walker suffered a season-ending injury. The defense has struggled to do pretty much everything this season and since Walker is now missing, they can’t stop the run to save their lives.

The Cleveland Browns traded for Atlanta Falcons’ linebacker Deion Jones on Sunday. Jones has been on the IR to start the season, but he was elevated from the IR today and might be able to play this week.

I don’t think Jones is going to come in and fix this defense. This defense is way too broken for one player to fix it and the rest of the season will be a disaster. When a defense is playing as bad as it is a star player could step up and make a huge play, but Brown’s star player Myles Garrett has gone missing.

Garrett has gone missing ever since the second half of the Week Two heartbreaking loss to the New York Jets and I’m not sure if he will make a play again. Garrett was in a car accident before the Week Four game vs the Atlanta Falcons which he didn’t play in. However, he did return for the Week Five game vs the Los Angeles Chargers but had very little impact.

Outlook On The Rest Of The Season

The Cleveland Browns 2022 season is over, and Deshaun Watson won’t even be able to put on his superman cap and help save them in Week 13. The Cleveland Browns have faced one good quarterback so far this season in Justin Herbert and they are about to face a gauntlet of them after this week. They have Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and Tom Brady all before they get Watson back. I don’t see how the Browns win any of those games and they probably will have six to eight losses by the time Week 13 comes.

Hopefully, the 2023 season bring the Cleveland Browns luck and there is happiness on Sundays in Cleveland, Ohio again.



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