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The Chicago Cubs Are In Trouble

It's the middle of June, and this Cubs season is on life support. If you would've told me the Cubs would 33-35 on June 12th, I would've laughed in your face. The Cubs are a young team that barely missed the playoffs in 2023, they got better as the season went on and there were building blocks for the future. On top of all that, Craig Counsel's surprising managerial switch from Milwaukee to Chicago had me feeling some type of way. The Chicago Cubs have to improve soon, or they are at risk for another lost season.

Starter vs. Bullpen ERA

The starting pitching has been the highlight of the Cubs this year. It's been the main reason they have been able to stay in games. Once the 6th or 7th inning rolls around, and bullpen arms need to be used, that's when I start to look like a Jordan Peele meme.

ERA of Cubs Starters: 3.60 (9th in MLB)

ERA of Cubs Relievers: 4.43 (24th in MLB)

The bullpen has been underwhelming, and another blown save last night did not help. The Cubs need to add bullpen arms before or at the deadline to help improve their overall pitching staff.

Hitting with RISP

Cubs can't hit. Simple as that. They were awesome to start the season, the team was firing on all cylinders and then the hitting became an issue. Here are the current MLB ranks for the Cubs:

MLB Ranks

AVG: .230 (T-24th)

OBP: .311 (13th)

SLG: .373 (20th)

OPS: .684 (19th)

Pretty middle-of-the-pack ranges for most of those stats. Not great, but also not the worst thing I've ever seen. Now, the Cubs numbers with RISP, those need some work:

MLB Ranks with RISP

AVG: .217 (26th)

OBP: .321 (22nd)

SLG: .368 (22nd)

OPS: .689 (21st)

Again, Hitting with RISP has been a massive challenge for the Cubs this season, hopefully they can add a bat or two at the deadline to help generate more runs. Now onto the most important question mark about the Cubs.

The Cubs NEED to Find a Catcher

As if the Cubs offense wasn't producing. to begin with, the catcher position is truly one that needs production. Yan Gomes, who will be 37 in July, is not the future, and it's looking like 2018 Cubs Minor League Player of the Year Miguel Amaya isn't in the plans either. As a pair this year, here is what the two Cubs catchers have done so far this year:

MLB Ranks Among Catchers

AVG: .176 (28th)

OBP: .226 (28th)

SLG: .267 (29th)

OPS: .493 (28th)

I might throw up. What was once a premier position in the Cubs with Willson Contreras, has now become the biggest concern on the roster. Finding a catcher should be the biggest target for the Cubs at the trade deadline. Ironically, the only team worse at the catcher position this year is the White Sox (Vote Martin Maldonado for All-Star).

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