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The Chicago Blackhawks Injuries Are A Blessing In Disguise

The Blackhawks can barely keep up with their players' injuries, which may help the struggling team make a comeback.

Chicago's Cornerstone

Just this past Friday, rookie Connor Bedard was hit in the face by Devils defenseman Brendan Smith. The injury took him out of the game and landed him on injured reserve for a fractured jaw the following day. He is just one of nine players on injured reserve, causing widespread distress amongst Blackhawks fans.

Bedard, the NHL's number-one pick in its 2023 draft, has shown throughout this season that he is undoubtedly Chicago's key player. Days before being put on injured reserve, he got named to this year's NHL All-Star Game. His stats are NHL-leading totals for rookies, with 15 goals and 33 assists.

Eight others accompany this unfortunate loss of a great player. Also on the long list of those on injured reserve include Joey Anderson, Anthony Beauvillier, Taylor Hall, Andreas Athanasiou, Tyler Johnson, Seth Jones, Taylor Raddysh, and most recently, Nick Foligno.

Are the Injuries a Blessing in Disguise?

Losing Bedard and eight other players will, and already has, significantly impacted the team. However, against popular belief, these losses open up many opportunities for the Blackhawks to rebuild themselves.

Luke Richardson, the head coach for the Blackhawks, has shown nothing but determination and is ready to make a comeback. With a disappointing record of 12-26-2, the team has the perfect opportunity to improve through a new lineup.

Stepping up to the Plate

After signing a two-year contract with the Blackhawks, Colin Blackwell got sidelined for nearly a year due to surgery. With a past full of injuries and ups and downs, he joined the Blackhawks' lineup again this past December. Due to the number of players on IR, he made it to the top line and scored the game's first goal.

Like Blackwell, other players, including Zach Sanford, got the chance to enter the lineup and prove their abilities. Sanford himself even recognizes the opportunity that these unfortunate injuries have provided.

Watching players take on this challenge with open minds is the key to building a solid front and moving forward.


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