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The Cavs Could Land This 6 Time All Star With This Huge Trade

The Cavs could be looking for some upgrades this offseason and some trades will be thrown out there at times why not put out a crazy one?

76ers receive- Donovan Mitchell and Jarrett Allen

Cavs receive- Joel Embiid, P.J Tucker, and Jaden Springer

Embiid To Cleveland?

The team is not looking to move Mitchell or Allen, but it will be something to look at if a player like Embiid becomes available.

Embiid is a six-time All-Star, Two-Time scoring champ, and just won the league MVP.

The 76ers have been very underwhelming with Embiid failing to make it past the second round in the playoffs with him. The team just fired head coach Doc Rivers, and star guard James Harden looks to be playing elsewhere next season.

If the 76ers look to blow it up, Embiid will be on the move. I’m sure the 76ers will call the Cavs for players like Mitchell, Darius Garland, and Evan Mobley and Mitchell should be the only one that is moved for him.

Mitchell has two years left before he can become a free agent, and many are already worried that he will not resign with the Cavs so he could possibly be traded this summer or next.

If Cleveland lands Embiid, he would be replacing Allen and then they would have to figure out a new shooting guard that could take the role of Mitchell.

Mobley would stay at power forward and there would possibly be no shooters but Garland on the floor.

Does This Trade Even Make Sense?

This trade would probably hurt the Cavs more than it would do good for them. Embiid might be a top-five player in the league, but the Cavs lack shooting and wing play and trading Mitchell wouldn’t even make the wing depth worse.

Also, Mobley’s development could take a huge hit with Embiid joining the team; the Cavs cannot afford that. I’m sure the Cavs are dreaming about the day that they can move Mobley to center and surround him with four shooters.

If the Cavs want to move Mitchell, they can only do it if they can replace him with another wing that can score. The fantasy of adding Embiid will never happen but it was fun to bring it up and have a little discussion about it.

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