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The Buffalo Bills Have To Decide Their Future Now!

The Buffalo Bills have been clear contenders in the last few years in the AFC. With Josh Allen being a consensus top-five quarterback, a high-end defense, stout coordinators, and coaching leading the way, the Bills seemed destined to be contenders for a while. Primarily dealing with teams like the Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens, Jaguars, and Bengals, all in the AFC building to be consistent powerhouses for the next decade, Buffalo was also correct in that crowd. It seemed that way until this year.

The Bills now sit at 6-5 and fight for a back-end playoff spot. The Dolphins should hold onto that division, meaning Buffalo will have to beat out teams like the Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, and Chargers to make the playoffs. This team had been a Superbowl favorite going into the year, and Josh Allen was supposed to make that MVP run finally. So it Begs the question,

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What Happened To The Bills?

Everything that could have gone wrong in Buffalo did. A plethora of injuries, including ones to their first, second, and third-string cornerbacks, season-ending injuries to two starting offensive linemen, and a season-ending injury to Pro Bowl linebacker Matt Milano, have this team in near shambles. A once stout defense that caused even the best offense problems is now decimated down to backups and forced to play into their reserves.

These injuries also come with a weirdly large amount of drama out of Buffalo. First, the mid-season firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey has led this team to a new play-caller and has caused this offense to undergo a significant switch in the middle of this season. Stefon Diggs also took to X after his brother, Trevon Diggs, said he wasn't adequately used. This confused many as he is being paid handsomely and has yet to have targets this year.

But the most prevalent complaint this year has been the blaming of Josh Allen. The quarterback has 29 total touchdowns to 16 total turnovers but has been blamed as he's struggled with ball control in significant games this year and has turned it over at pivotal times. This isn't valid. However, most of these can be blamed more on a receiver bouncing the ball off their hands or having no time and being rushed with the ball into a situation nobody wants him in.

So What Should Buffalo Do?

Sit tight, Bills fans. Josh Allen's slander isn't truthful and doesn't tell the whole story. When any quarterback is tasked with an abysmal offensive line, giving him no time to throw, it will end for the worst with either a turnover or incomplete.

The best thing to do is get protection for your star and wait for your defense to heal. Unfortunately, so many of your stars got hurt on defense, but it isn't permanent. With time, you'll have a new offensive coordinator, a better offensive line, a healthy defense, and hopefully a Super Bowl if your kicker can make this the kick this time.

(P.S. I'm a Giants fan.)

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