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The 2022 CFP Proved The Importance Of Playoff Expansion

The 2022 CFP started out with two incredible matchups. The Fiesta Bowl between Michigan and TCU was a high scoring affair with TCU winning 51-45. The Peach Bowl was no different as Georgia and Ohio State went down to the last play and saw the Bulldogs win 42-41. That left the national title game between TCU and Georgia.

Georgia would go on to win 65-7 and win their second consecutive championship. TCU was no match for Georgia and the ratings for the game were poor as they dropped 24 percent from last years title game. So what does this mean? Well, the expansion of the CFP is all but vital at this point. After seeing the Georgia beat down on TCU, the expansion is necessary. Here’s why

More Competition, Better Results

Did TCU deserve a spot in the CFP? Yes absolutely. Were they good enough to win the whole thing? Clearly not. With the expansion, this will allow teams like Alabama, Tennessee and others right outside the top four to have a shot.

TCU was good enough to beat Michigan and that would be entertaining even in the expanded field. A second round matchup with Alabama or Tennessee would have made it even better. The truth here is that the SEC is too dominant and by expanding to allow more SEC teams a shot, you would get better results.

The beauty of the playoffs is that it brings more weight to whether you win or not. Think about the rush you get during a march madness game, college football needs that kind of tournament atmosphere. The competition between first round opponents and the championship game would increase and lead to better results for the ratings and money made in full honesty.

Four-Team CFP Model Does Not Work Anymore

The four-team CFP model does not work anymore because it now feels like a limit on Power-Five teams. The Pac-12 champs or even the ACC champs deserve a shot. We had Clemson’s run but have yet to see a Pac-12 contender in the CFP era. Adding in more slots for those power five teams and maybe even teams like Notre Dame, is the better model.

More Bowl Season Football Is Fine With Me

There are plenty of college football fans that are invested in bowl season. An expansion of the CFP would allow teams to look forward to more than their own bowl game. Competing to move on and have a shot at the title is what should matter most for the teams that qualify. Teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, are not here to win the Peach Bowl or the Rose Bowl, they want the natty.

Imagine adding another week or two onto bowl season, that is fine by me. You get another shot at seeing the best in college football duke it out. Sure it might cost more money and time but I can promise you that fans would enjoy another week of competitive CFP football is worth it. This expansion is something that the game of college football could use overall for a long time.

Final Thoughts On The CFP Expansion

The CFP expansion is set to begin in the 2024-25 season. If it was up to me, I would begin the expanded field next season. After the 65-7 beating that Georgia pulled off, why not make the competition field better next season? The ratings for the national title are down and what better way to boost it back than answering people’s prayers by next season with the expanded field.

Obviously my words mean nothing when it comes to the expansion but waiting another full season seems pointless to me. The CFP era is losing interest because the competition level is dropping. The expansion is the perfect way to revive the CFP era. Again, if it was up to me, the expansion happens next season no questions asked.



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