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Texas Football Win/Loss Prediction: 2022-23

Will Texas win the Big 12 for the first time since 2009? Or will we see yet another disappointing season for the Longhorns football program?

Let’s continue chugging along with our Big 12 football predictions for 2022. Next up, we have the Texas Longhorns. Last season, the Longhorns finished with a disappointing 5-7 record under first year coach Steve Sarkisian. That is the first time since 2016 that Texas has finished below the .500 mark. They also finished a very poor 3-6 in conference play which is also their worst since 2016.

With the 2022 season closing in, the Longhorns are prepping for their move to the SEC. But until then, they have a transfer quarterback in Quinn Ewers who will revamp the position. They also got back Bijan Robinson who enters 2022 as a likely Heisman contender. The Longhorns defense might not be as good as years past but maybe that will not come back to haunt them. Texas could be a threat in the Big 12 if they can bounce back from last year and win big games. That being said, let’s break down the Longhorns 2022 schedule and who they could beat this year.

Week One, Home Game vs ULM

This is that stereotypical “tune up game” where a Power Five school takes on a non-conference opponent. Texas will likely win this game by so many points that it will likely be irrelevant on any scorebook. Newly transferred QB Ewers will get a chance to light up the scoreboard and get his legs fresh. Do not be surprised if Texas wins this game by 40 or more.

Score Prediction: Texas 63, ULM 7

Week Two, Home Game vs Alabama

I feel sorry for Texas to play ULM in week one and turn around and play Alabama in week two. If you are going to eventually play Bama yearly you might as well get used to it now. Sure Texas might have a Heisman-caliber running back and a talent QB but it will not be enough. Alabama will be led by Heisman winner Bryce Young and will likely be a juggernaut yet again. Alabama will let Texas hang around but shut it down by the third quarter.

Score Prediction: Alabama 35, Texas 21

Week Three, Home Game vs UTSA

Week three jumps back into a tune up game against UTSA. After losing to Bama it will be nice for Texas to get back in the win column against UTSA. Again, there is no point in breaking down this game too much, Texas will win big. There will be more interesting games on that week anyway.

Score Prediction: Texas 55, UTSA 14

Week Four, Away Game vs Texas Tech

The first away game of the year will be their in-state rival, Texas Tech. I have mentioned it already in the Kansas and K-State pieces but Tech is not going to be a good team in 2022. Texas will need to win games like this to add to their Big 12 resume and help them make a case for a Big 12 title. Considering this is their first conference game, I see Texas having no issue in setting the tone for conference play in 2022. This will not be a pretty game for the fresh faces on the Longhorns but a win nonetheless.

Score Prediction: Texas 35, Texas Tech 17

Week Five, Home Game vs West Virginia

Texas will continue to dive into conference play with a home agame against West Virginia in week five. This Texas team is either going to look good in week five or struggle and show people why they are in a rebuild mode. With the big question marks on the offensive line and defense, I could see this being a sloppy game for Texas. However, sloppy games can still end in a win and thats where this will go for the Longhorns. Not a high-scoring game but one that will show how ready Texas will be to leave the Big 12 in all honesty.

Score Prediction: Texas 21, West Virginia 10

Week Six, Neutral Site Game vs Oklahoma

The 2022 version of the Red River Showdown will be played at a neutral site in Dallas. It would not surprise me if this is one of the best games in college football. The two teams leaving the conference soon looking to win one final Big 12 title battling it out. Oklahoma and Texas have similar squads to where they have so many new pieces that how much they win is a big question mark. That being said, I think Texas has the pieces to come out on top in a close game. It’ll be a game that benefits the offenses and defense will struggle.

Score Prediction: Texas 50, OU 47

Week Seven, Home Game vs Iowa State

Texas is being blessed with this many home games through the first seven weeks. As conference play continues, they get the Cyclones at home in week seven. I have mentioned it before that ISU is no where near the same team as years past. Different quarterback, running back, recieving core, just different all around. Texas will still have a tough time with some of the remaining pieces left over for ISU but a good conference win will be the result here.

Score Prediction: Texas 24, ISU 7

Week Eight, Away Game vs Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is going to be a solid squad in 2022. That is bad news for the Longhorns should they enter week eight winning five in a row. The Cowboys just have too many weapons to tire out this depleted Texas defense. Oklahoma State will not blow out Texas but it will not be a good loss for the Longhorns. A tough, hard fought loss that will maybe wake up the Longhorns that they still have to win on the road against tough conference opponents.

Score Pediction: Oklahoma State 28, Texas 17

Week Nine, Away Game vs Kansas State

The Longhorns road trip will continue in week nine with a trip to Manhattan to take on the Wildcats. I have the Wildcats winning this game in an upset in the K-State prediction piece. So, I am sticking to my gut that this will be a loss that should not happen for Texas. K-State will come out ready to play and simply outperform Texas. This will be another close loss that will be felt in that conference loss column and loss column overall.

Score Prediction: K-State 48, Texas 42

Week Ten, Home Game vs TCU

The Longhorns are back at home in week ten against the Horned Frogs. TCU might not be the same team as years past but it could still be a trap game that Texas needs to pay attention to. Do not be surprised if Texas has to grind out a win against TCU. I could see the TExas defense struggle to defend the run against TCU as well as the returning top four receivers from last year along with speedy Quincy Brown to work on the outside. Texas will need to rely on their transfer QB and Heisman caliber running back to keep them in the game.

Score Prediction: Texas 38, TCU 31

Week Eleven, Away Game at Kansas

As much as KU fans want to upset Texas again, I do not see 2022 as the year to do so. This will be another high scoring game for absolutely no reason at all. Horrible defense and plenty of home run plays to go around. This will be a stat book friendly game yet again especially for Texas. The Longhorns will need any Big 12 win they can get, even close ones against KU.

Score Prediction: Texas 50, KU 47

Week Twelve, Home Game vs Baylor

If there was a horrible way to close out a regular season, it would be against one of if not the biggest favorite in the Big 12. Well, the Longhorns get to do just that with Baylor coming to town for the final regular season game. This game could very well decide the winner of the conference if it plays out that way. Baylor is going to have alot of talent on the field in 2022 and so will Texas. However, I like Baylor even on the road against what is looking to be a talented Longhorn team especially this late in the year.

Score Prediction: Baylor 38, Texas 28

Final Record For Texas Football In 2022: 8-4 (6-3)

Texas is in the unique situation of either playing really well in 2022 or crashing and burning again. They have the new and returning pieces to put together a solid season. If they want to prep for the SEC, they need to win the close games. However, I do not know if an 8-4 season will be enough to earn a Big 12 title. Only time will tell if the Longhorns are ready for a bounceback year but if they are, another eight win season would not be too bad.

Which Big 12 team will improve the most in 2022? Comment below and join the discussion!

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