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Tennessee VS The NCAA

The NCAA is currently investigating the University of Tennessee for potential violations regarding NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) recruiting. Curiously, this investigation comes less than a year after the previous one concluded under the university's former head football coach, Jeremy Pruitt.

The NCAA's approach is suspicios and might have been the catalyst for the formation of an advisory committee by both the Big Ten and SEC conferences. It seems that there may be more developments to come as well.

Why This Happened

The NCAA is currently investigating the University of Tennessee, and it is possible that the quarterback Nico Lamaleava may be suspended from playing this year as a result. However, the State of Tennessee is taking legal action against the NCAA in response to this investigation.

Nico was flown out in 2021 by a collection group called Spyre Sports Group, which had no affiliation with the University of Tennessee. However, in 2022, new guidelines were put in place, and Spyre became an official booster for the University of Tennessee.

Since boosters are not allowed to fly out players, the NCAA is trying to backdate and penalize Tennessee for the actions of the collective before it became an official booster of the university. This is a power grab by the NCAA, who is desperately trying to cling to any power it can get.

Doesn't Stop There

It won't stop with Tennessee. No university is safe. That's why the Big 10 and SEC formed an advisory committee - they want to protect schools and need to create guidelines for the NIL before it becomes too chaotic.

As I've mentioned before, with the NCAA going after the unversity and players' money, they need to unionize. The players should find a way to create a collective bargaining agreement and establish guidelines with the universities. This will not only protect each other but also bring some civility back into college football.

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