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Taylor Swift's Image Is Getting Destroyed By The NFL

If you have lived under a rock the past four months, then you don't know that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is dating singer Taylor Swift. 

Swift is the biggest entertainer in the world at the moment. I don't understand the hype around here. She has some good songs, but it's not like she is Michael Jackson. She is very appealing to many people, so she is doing some great work, but she took over the NFL scene in 2023, and it's not her fault. 

Like any supportive girlfriend, Swift shows up to games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the media is in her face every second. 

She is quietly sitting in the back of the suite, minding her own business, watching her boyfriend play, and all the cameras are in her face anytime Kelce makes a catch. 

Can someone leave the poor girl alone and let her watch her boyfriend peacefully? She has a camera in her face 24/7, and the sport isn't even about her, and the NFL is trying to make it about her. 

Blame The NFL, Not Taylor Swift

Swift has done nothing since dating Kelce that has taken attention away from the team or the sport; she goes to the games, she doesn't wear outfits to try to make her stand out, and she wants to sit and watch the game like all the other fans, she has never attempted to bring attention to herself once, but NFL fans are complaining about her every second when they show her on TV. People are getting outraged that she is ruining the NFL when she has done nothing wrong, and the NFL is the one promoting her. 

People are mad that Swift will ruin their Super Bowl because all the attention will be on her for the next two weeks. I guarantee she will not do one thing in the next two weeks or during the game that will bring any attention to her, and the NFL will find a way to make it about her.

Nobody had an issue last year when Travis and Jason's mom, Donna Kelce, was the star of the Super Bowl for two weeks, but now everyone is going to have an issue when Swift gets attention when she isn't even trying to. 

Let's go back to last week's game against the Buffalo Bills when Travis' brother Jason was there, took his shirt off, and jumped into the crowd. Everyone loved that, but once the broadcast showed Taylor Swift minding her own business and paying zero attention to herself, people became outraged. 

Swift has done nothing wrong, and she has not tried to be the star of the show once; if you're one of these angry people saying all the Swift coverage is going to ruin your Super Bowl, then you're the problem, not her. If you're mad about her being shown on your TV during games, then blame the NFL because she is only being herself and has never done anything to make the game about her. 

The NFL needs to leave Swift alone and let her enjoy the game like the rest of the fans. 

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