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Talent All Around, Which Of These AFC East Teams Has The Best Offensive Players?

It’s said that the AFC East will be one of the most dominant divisions in football, and there’s good reason to think that. In terms of competition, four teams are fighting to be the top seed, with the massive amount of talent they have on their roster. Today, this article will show how offensively dominant each team is in each position and decide who’s the best offensive powerhouse.

Offensive Line

One that’s simple enough to rank and is a minor aspect of the team is the offensive line. The Patriots easily have the most talent at the Offensive line, with studs like Isaiah Wynn, David Andrews, and Trent Brown in their arsenal.

The other three teams have mediocre offensive lines but ranking them by talent, and Buffalo would come second as they allowed the fewest sacks. However, since the Jets are still rebuilding and their offensive line was considered one of the worst, Miami Dolphins rank third in that category.

So in terms of protection, it seems Mac Jones has the most at his arsenal.

Tight End

Another big man that plays a significant role on the field, Tight ends, makes an impact in the catching and blocking games. It was a close observation, but the tight end with the most talent would be Mike Gesicki. Although he only had two touchdowns last season, he put up 780 yards with 73 receptions.

In another close battle at tight end, Hunter Henry comes out on top for second since he has a little more edge with 50 receptions, 603 yards, and nine touchdowns. However, Dawson Knox wasn’t too far behind him, with 49 receptions, 587 yards, and nine touchdowns. It’s possible to see both talents like this improve in the future.

CJ Ozumah was recently picked up by the jets, so there is no telling how he could do it. Last year, he put up 49 receptions, 493 yards, and five touchdowns, so he is not a bad weapon for Wilson, just not as dominant as others.

Wide Receiver

One of the biggest aspects of offense that requires a lot of talent is the wide receiving core, and two teams currently reign supreme in that.

While Buffalo has the best receiver, Miami has the best Receivers, as Tyreek Hill put up 111 receptions, 1239 yards, and nine touchdowns, while Waddle put up 104 receptions, 1015 yards, and six touchdowns.

The Bills easily have the second-best receiving core in terms of talent, as Diggs dominated with 103 receptions, 1255 yards, and ten touchdowns. Gabriel Davis also scored 35 receptions, 549 yards, and six touchdowns.

Patriots receiving had struggled since Edelman left, but adding Davante Parker, who had 40 receptions, 515 yards, and two touchdowns, would help. Also, the young asset, Jakobi Meyers, had a decent season with 83 receptions, 866 yards, and two touchdowns. Adding in Kendrick Bourne, Agholor and Thornton will make the offense versatile.

The Jets still need some work in the receiving game, as Elijah Moore and Corey David combined for 77 receptions, 1030 yards, and nine touchdowns, which is why they added Garrett Wilson in the first round of the NFL draft this year.

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Running Back

When the passing game isn’t always on point, it’s key to have some sort of talent in the running game, which was easy to determine. Patriots have a solid running back in their arsenal, as Damien Harris put up 929 yards in 202 attempts with 15 touchdowns.

Buffalo Bills’ young back, Devin Singletary, falls in second but is still dominant as he put up 870 yards in 188 attempts with seven touchdowns. In addition, they drafted James Cook with a top 75 selection in the NFL draft so that he will add to their diversity there.

Chase Edmonds recently joined the Dolphins but had a good season in Arizona, with 592 yards in 116 attempts with two touchdowns.

Breece Hall is beginning his rookie season, which is why he ranks so low. However, don’t count out his talent, as he is one of the top prospects in the league. Adding him to Michael Carter, a very shifty back, is a smart move to keep them fresh and healthy.


The Quarterback is the most critical position and needs to be riddled with talent. They need to be the leader of the team.

It’s no question that Josh Allen is the most dominant QB in the division, with 4,407 yards and 36 touchdowns with 15 interceptions last season.

Although it was his first year, Mac Jones had an impressive rookie season, putting up 3801 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. The team is excited to see more talent from him in the future.

Tua Tagovailoa has struggled to find his groove on Miami, with 2653 yards, 16 touchdowns, and ten interceptions, so hopefully, adding Hill shows improvement.

Zach Wilson had one of the worst rookie seasons, not only getting injured but putting up 2,334 yards, nine touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.


It’s hard to determine which team will be dominant in the AFC East since there is talent all around, but the Patriots could come on top if their players continue to put up numbers. Although Miami and Buffalo got powerhouses, the Patriots have a more balanced team with better protection at the offensive line, and young Mac is already doing well.

In terms of the rest, Buffalo is more of a challenge than Miami since Josh Allen consistently shows off his talent. The Jets are still in rebuilding mode and have been for years now so that they won’t be fighting for the top anytime soon, but it’s interesting to see them pick up key players.

Whatever happens, the battle for the top will be fun to watch, and hopefully, the Patriots will come up on top and make a playoff run.

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