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Super Bowl Predictions With Some Major Twists

The team over here at Stadium Rant put together their Super Bowl Predictions. There were a lot of expected ones, and then we had a few that were a surprise.

Dan Baker


Super Bowl Prediction: Eagles vs Bills

Winner: Eagles

"These are two of the most complete rosters in the NFL. Both have offensive firepower but can win a game with defense if their offense isn’t firing on all cylinders. Eagles vs Bills, and I’ll take the Eagles to win it."

Hayden Remillard


Prediction: 49ers vs Bills

Winner: Bills

"It doesn’t matter who is playing QB for the 49ers. They’re going to win a lot of games. As for Buffalo, it’s kind of a Super Bowl or bust. Both of these teams are going to be fun to watch throughout the season. In the end, I’m picking the Bills to win it all."

Louie Stewart


Prediction: Eagles vs Bengals

Winner: Eagles

Soor Vora


Prediction: Eagles vs Jaguars

Winner: Eagles

Kevin Brzostek


Prediction: Eagles vs Ravens

Winner: Eagles

"The two best dual-threat quarterbacks in the league go at it in one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time."

Tyler Lamb


Prediction: Jaguars vs Seahawks

Winner: Jaguars

Tyler Raske

(@ Indiigah)

Prediction: Dolphins vs Lions

Winner: Dolphins

Austin Vuick


Prediction: Chiefs vs Eagles

Winner: Eagles

Michael Heisner

Prediction: 49ers vs Bengals

Winner: Bengals

Mike Ringle


Prediction: Chiefs vs. 49ers

Winner: Chiefs

Nolan Brooks


Prediction: Cowboys vs Chiefs

Winner: Cowboys

JT Howland


Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 31, San Francisco 49ers 26

Winner: Kansas City

"It’s really hard to bet against the Chiefs and if I didn’t expect the Bengals to maybe have a down year, I would say they would be the team that could beat KC Meanwhile the 49ers have the best roster in the NFC besides quarterback and I trust Kyle Shanahan to lead this team back to the Super Bowl. It’s rare that a Super Bowl loser makes it back the next season and I’m not betting on Dallas making it either. In the end, it’s still the Chiefs and if they didn’t have a big question mark at quarterback I would take the 49ers but in the end, Mahomes gets his third ring."

Danny Fisher


Prediction: Ravens vs Cowboys

Winner: Ravens

As you can see we have a lot of Chiefs and Eagles taking home the Super Bowl and there could be a new team holding the Lombardi Trophy for the first time like the Bills, Bengals, and Jaguars.

It is going to be a fun season and hopefully, your team is the last one standing.

Thanks to every SR employee for their predictions.


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