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Super Bowl 57 Storylines That Have Gone Relatively Unnoticed

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are the most publicized time in the sports calendar. As a result, nearly every journalistic stone is found and over-reported. So I thought going over some of the less talked about takes of the past two weeks would be helpful.

Everyone has been talking about the “Kelce” bowl. The fact is that this is the first Super Bowl with two black starting Quarterbacks. I will lose my mind if I hear one more piece about how AJ Brown changed the Eagles’ offense. The thing being talked about the most is the whole “support your QB enough to elevate him” point which I agree with, but at this point, it’s just been overdone.

More Than One GOAT Reputation On The Line?

Every sportscaster and their family is talking about Mahomes and his legacy. A lot of them don’t even care if he wins. They have already placed him in the Jordan or Gretzky category. I think that is blasphemy. He needs to win this Super Bowl to cement that spot. Enough about him; I believe Travis Kelce is closer to the GOAT of his position than Mahomes.

Statistically, Kelce has already started to pass Gronk. I’m a Pats fan, so this sucks to say, but his run of dominance is beginning to catch up as well. The biggest thing that separates the two players currently is Super Bowl rings. Winning one is great, but players can have a great year and win it once, then fall out of relevancy. The second title validates the first one, guarantees a Hall of Fame ballot, and catapults them into the elite of the elite. Kelce is already there based on stats, but taking this title and being the focal point could give him the bump he needs to surpass Gronk.

The Roots Took & The Trunk Looks Strong

Does anyone remember Nick Siriani’s opening press conference that had him looking like a fool? Talking about planting roots and watching them grow. Honestly, I thought the Eagles had made a colossal mistake. Sirianni also remembers it and doesn’t want that to be his lasting image. It turns out this guy can coach and lead the men on his team. I admit when I’m wrong, and I missed this one badly.

"It would be safe to say my opening press conference wasn't flattering to who I am as a person or a coach… it's all about winning and losing games."@Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni on first-year head coaches. Watch #SuperBowlLVII on FOX and the FOX Sports App 📺📱 — FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) February 7, 2023

No one talked about how well and organized this Eagles team has been since Week one. Instead, everyone is gushing over the fact that Andy Reid has coached both teams. That’s not spicy. The fact that the dude who sounded in disarray in his opening presser has made the Super Bowl. Imagine if they pull this off. Regardless Siriani has vaulted himself into that conversation of young and elite Head Coaches.

Vic Fangio Moonlighting As A Part-Time DC?

It was reported this morning that Fangio had previously signed a two-week contract with the Eagles to help them stop Kansas City’s offense. Excuse me? Is that even allowed? I’m not entirely sure that someone signed to a team can sign another contract, unless they didn’t pay him. So this seems like a fishy situation, in my opinion.

Even if it is legal in the NFL, having the news break on the morning of the Super Bowl makes it seem like Philly was trying to keep it on the down low and couldn’t. The whole thing seems wrong, in my opinion. Fangio-led defenses have often employed a two-high safety look at the start of the snap, then once the play starts, it shifts and tries to disguise. This has historically been the best way to defend Mahomes and the Chiefs. Does this give Philly the advantage?

Veteran coach Vic Fangio quietly signed a two-week contract with the #Eagles to help prepare them for Super Bowl and Fangio will join the #Dolphins as their defensive coordinator after the game, per @AdamSchefter. — MLFootball (@_MLFootball) February 12, 2023

Bottom Line

As a Patriots fan, I don’t want either team to win. I’d rather Bane walk out and do what he does. I hope you laughed because I’m just joking, of course. I think I’d rather Philly win because this is the honest truth; I want what New England did to last some time. I don’t want anyone to run the league for at least five to ten years. So my prediction is Eagles win this one 45-41. There will be great offensive plays in this game, but the defense will clinch it on a strip sack fumble, just like in 2018, sadly.



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