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Strange Pick? If Not Him, Then Who?

Death. Taxes. Bill Belichick pisses fans off with his first-round decisions.

The three things above are a staple to life. Since he took over head coaching duties in 2000, Bill Belichick has done what he believed is best for the organization. His crazy moves and unorthodox coaching style gave New Englanders two decades of prosperity. 

Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot. The Pats have not made an AFC championship game since 2018. Things have changed. Does this mean Belichick’s approach should too?

How Bad Was The Patriots’ Draft?

I don’t listen to Mel Kiper. He raises valid points in his analysis, but how many Super Bowl rings does he have? Spoiler alert, we both have 0.

Cole Strange was not an exciting selection, especially with the talent left on the board. However, the Patriots needed upgrades at certain positions. Their linebacking core stinks, and the secondary continues to age with no one around to enhance it.

Strange replaces the recently traded Shaq Mason. Belichick shipped him off to Tampa a few months ago, to many fans’ displeasure. These same fans are the ones who called for his resignation after trading Jamie Collins.

Who Would Have Made More Sense?

The Patriots have lacked star power at the LB position over the past few seasons. As a result, they lack a game-changer like Bobby Wagner or Devin White. At the peak of their empire, the Patriots’ defense steamrolled opponents thanks to players like Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, and Rosevelt Colvin. Judon could reach that status, but his final few games knocked him back a few steps.

What makes things worse is their lack of an effort to resign J.C Jackson. According to PFF, he ranks as the best CB over the past two seasons. In addition, he led the league in INTs in 2020, putting his name in the elite conversation. Yet, instead of drafting his replacement, they added padding for the backfield.

Belichick passed over a lot of difference makers. Trading up to the top 3 to draft Stingly seems more logical than trading down to draft Strange. Nakobe Dean sat in the green room, begging for New England to draft him. His style of play fits into exactly what the Patriots want out of a player of his caliber.

Belichick did draft the fastest receiver in the draft, so it was not a total failure.

Who Should I Believe? An NFL Draft Expert Or You?

Great question. Both.

Mel Kiper knows everything about these players more than they know themselves. The amount of work he puts into this one weekend deserves some congratulations. But unfortunately, there is just a slight problem; he is not seeing the whole picture.

The Patriots are doing what has brought them gold for over twenty years. There have been new obstacles put in front of them, but nothing Belichick has not seen before. Critiques have called in to talk radio complaining about his decisions since I was in diapers. Yet, it is 2022, and I wear briefs. Criticizing Belichick taught me to think before I speak. His draft selections are put under a microscope annually. Yet, he makes decisions the team needs.

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