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Stoops Family Intrigue In The Soon To Be New SEC

The college football world was taken by surprise in July of 2021 when it was announced that the University of Oklahoma would be leaving the Big 12 Conference to join the Southeastern Conference (SEC). This move not only shook up the landscape of college football but also created an intriguing connection between Oklahoma and the University of Kentucky, both of which are now part of the SEC. However, the connection between these two schools goes beyond conference affiliation, as it is deeply rooted in the Stoops family.

Bob Stoops At Oklahoma

The Stoops family has become synonymous with success in the world of college football. Bob Stoops, the patriarch of the family, had an illustrious coaching career at the University of Oklahoma. During his tenure, which spanned from 1999 to 2016, Stoops led the Sooners to numerous conference championships and a national championship in 2000. His impact on the program was immeasurable, and he left behind a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Football Is A Stoops Family Tradition

The Stoops family has a long coaching history in the game dating back to their father Ron and his long time Defensive Coordinator (DC) position at Cardinal Mooney High School in Ohio. They all played at Iowa for legendary Coach Hayden Frye. One of the brothers Mike was Bob Stoops’ DC at Oklahoma and now on staff for Mark on the defense at Kentucky. The entire family has a deep-rooted heritage in the game of football, especially college football.

Mark Stoops At Kentucky

When Mark Stoops took over as head coach at Kentucky in 2013, he brought with him the knowledge and experience he gained from his family traditions. Under his leadership, the Wildcats have experienced a resurgence, becoming a competitive force in the SEC. Stoops has led the team to seven consecutive bowl game appearances and has consistently recruited talent at a new level to the program.

A New Kind Of Rilvary Is Born

With Oklahoma soon joining the SEC in 2024, the Stoops connection between the two schools will be ignited. When the matchup between Oklahoma and Kentucky happens, it will now have conference implications, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already intense rivalry game. Fans of both schools will have the opportunity to witness the Stoops brothers' allegiances face off against each other, creating a unique and compelling storyline within the SEC.

SEC Media Days Captivation In 2023

Even the SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is intrigued by it, as he brought up the intense possibility of the game in 2025 in his introduction of Mark Stoops at the SEC Media Days this past week. Mark then was asked 2 questions Oklahoma and Stoops family related and the game is not yet on the schedule in the next two years. One question was his thoughts of Oklahoma Coach Brent Venables and the other a gleaming admiration in his answer of his nephew and current Sooner WR Drake Stoops.

Another Rich Innovative SEC Rivalry

The Stoops connection between Oklahoma and Kentucky goes beyond conference affiliation. It represents a family's dedication to the game of football, their admiration of hard work, and their commitment to excellence. Bob Stoops' influence on his brother Mark has been instrumental in shaping the success of both programs. As the two schools prepare to compete in the SEC, the Stoops connection will undoubtedly continue to captivate fans and leave a lasting impact on college football.


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