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Stephen A. Smith Compares Caitlin Clark To This NBA Great

During ESPN's First Take on Thursday, Stephen A. Smith brought up Iowa's women's star basketball player Caitlin Clark and compared her to the most excellent shooter of all time, Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry. 

On Wednesday night, Clark moved to number two on the all-time scoring list for women's college basketball and is only 104 points shy of breaking Kelsey Plum's record that was set back in 2017. 

I 100% agree with Smith comparing Clark to Curry; she has done wonders for women's basketball, just like Curry did for men's hoops about a decade ago. 

Curry changed basketball with his three-point shooting and pulling up from three all over the court and was a must-watch every night. Curry was very relatable to most people since he is 6'2 and his height is a disadvantage, but he didn't let that stop him from being one of the best players in the history of the NBA. 

Lebron James has been the best player in the NBA for the last 20 years, but it is tough for most people to relate to him because he is 6'9 250 pounds. 99% of people who want to play basketball aren't 6'9, and it's just hard to relate to Lebron, but it's super easy for people to relate to Curry and see that they can be just like him if they work on developing a shot. 

Clark has that same effect on the women's game, and it's even more significant than the effect Curry has on the men's game. 

Clark is a star, and it sells out every single arena she goes in. I have never seen a player at the women's game as talented as her in every aspect of the game at the college level. Clark is the best basketball player in all college hoops, including the men's game. 

Clark is giving hope to so many girls worldwide that they can be like her one day. Clark is only 6 '0 foot, so she isn't the tallest player on the court, but she plays like she is, making her unique and relatable to so many people. 

Clark is a superstar, and everyone should sit down to watch her because you might never see anything as good as her at the women's college level again. 

She has transformed the entire sport in the last two years and made women's basketball a must-watch, and it's pretty good if you give it a chance. 

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