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My Three-Step Plan That Would Fix The Chicago Bears

Another year of Bears football, and another year of disappointment. What many thought would be a season of improved play was what we have come to expect from the Bears. More Mediocrity.

The Bears started off to a 0-4 record, blew 3 different 10-plus points in fourth-quarter leads, and only one of the Bears' seven wins came against a playoff team. The rest of their wins were against bottom dwellers.

Will there be changes made in Chicago? That I don't know. Should there be? Absolutely. This coaching staff has proven to be incompetent and it's more than time for a change.

Let's get into what the Bears would do if they were a serious franchise.

Step One: Fire Matt Eberlfus

Ever since the acquisition of Montez Sweat in a trade with the Washington Commanders the Bears' defense has looked like a top-ten defensive unit. Even with that being said the Bears still only have one win over a playoff team during that span.

If I'm the GM of the Chicago Bears I am firing Eberflus the first second I get the chance. I want to bring a Super Bowl back to Chicago and I have absolutely zero faith that he is the guy to get us there.

Step Two: Begin The Coaching Search

Now that we have parted ways with Coach Eberflus it's time to look for the next coach to lead us back to relevancy.

My first stop in looking for that guy is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Coach Jim Harbaugh. At the time of this writing, he is currently preparing for a National Championship with his alma mater the Michigan Wolverines. There has been speculation that a return to the NFL is likely for the former 49ers head coach.

The Bears may also have a leg up in earning his coaching ability over other franchises hungry for a star head coach with Harbaugh's past with the Bears. Harbaugh was drafted in the first round (pick 26) by the Chicago Bears 1987 NFL Draft.

Not to mention that the job is already enticing in the fact that the Bears have two first-round picks - pick one and pick nine. This gives Harbaugh and his new staff a chance to reset the franchise and draft a new quarterback at one, most likely Caleb Williams, and draft another difference maker on offense or defense with pick 9.

Step Three: Trade Justin Fields

As someone who would call themselves a huge Fields fan, this one hurts. But it is what is best for both sides.

There have been plenty of teams who have been linked to Fields but the one that has been the most consistent is the Atlanta Falcons. To me, this makes the most sense. The Falcons have been a roundabout of quarterbacks going back and forth from Desmond Ridder to Taylor Heinceke. Fields' family is also a resident of the state of Georgia residing in Kennesaw, GA which is less than an hour from Atlanta.

What would the trade compensation be? If I was the GM I would see if I could get a 2024 third-rounder and a 2025 fifth-rounder for Fields. Fields has been nothing but classy and a stand-up guy during some rough times with the Bears and I will forever be a fan wherever he ends up.

To wrap it up if the Bears made these savvy moves this could be franchise-altering.

Hiring a proven head coach in Jim Harbaugh, drafting Caleb Williams who many think is the best prospect since Andrew Luck, and getting solid compensation for Justin Fields.

The Bears would be in a great spot to become a consistent contender in the NFL.

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