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Steelers Over & Under Is 7.5: Here’s Their Recent History

Pittsburgh enters the 2022 season with a predicted win total of 7.5. Vegas is the Steelers to have their first losing season since 2003. Here’s how the Steelers have exceeded and disappointed expectations in the past five years.

2018: 10.5 (UNDER)

After having a season with the Steelers best record since 2004 at 13-3, and nearly making it to the AFC Championship game for the second-straight year, expectations were still high in 2018. But Le’Veon Bell’s holdout and a few strokes of bad luck spoiled the Steelers chances to make the playoffs, even at a minimum.

2019: 9.5 (UNDER)

After the many 2018 disappointments and a crazy offseason, the Steelers were at a loss. Antonio Brown was released and Le’Veon Bell signed with the Jets. Pittsburgh fans were still convinced that the locker room chemistry would be much improved for 2019. Even if that were true, Big Ben was injured in Week 2 and the Steelers were never the same. The Steelers nearly made the playoffs, but lost their last three games to fall short.

2020: 9.5 (OVER)

With Big Ben back after his season-ending injury early in 2019, the Steelers were eager for a return to the playoffs. The Steelers had a historic 11-0 start and held control of the AFC, but falters towards the end of the season caused them to finish 12-4 without a first-round-bye, the Browns headed into Pittsburgh for the Wildcard and took down the Steelers 48-37.

2021: 8.5 (OVER)

In 2021, the Steelers entered the season with a lot of uncertainty and a very tough schedule. But after securing faith with Big Ben, the Steelers gritted towards a playoff appearance and a 9-8 record. The Steelers points per game and points allowed ranking were both in the bottom half of the league, but the Steelers found a way to get it done.

2022: 7.5 (OVER…hopefully)

The Steelers approach the 2022 season with unknown exceptions and still tough competition in the AFC North. Their expected win total is at 7.5 and hopefully Pittsburgh reaches the over.



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