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Steelers Aquire Vet To Solidify Receiver Room Ahead Of 2023 NFL Draft

Steelers General Manager Omar Khan and his running mate Andy Weidl absolutely refuse to be pigeonholed into drafting a specific position. It seems they’ve spent the offseason more active than we’ve seen the Steelers in recent years. Khan and Weidl with the assumed help of Mike Tomlin have brought in various pieces they think can help the Steelers lift a seventh Sticky Lombardi, with the draft still waiting for them.

Pittsburgh traded for veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson on Tuesday afternoon, swapping seventh-round picks with the Rams to acquire his services. The Rams held onto some salary too, meaning the Steelers will be paying Robinson five million for the year. The nine-year veteran will most likely be Kenny Pickett’s new slot target in 2023, rounding off the Steelers receivers rather well.

The signing of Robinson should give the Steelers great flexibility for the upcoming draft. A receiver was closer to the top of the list of needs before Tuesday. What was originally thought of as a high-end need can now potentially wait until day three or four of the draft?

What Robinson Brings To The Steelers

At age 29, the former Penn State receiver certainly isn’t what he used to be. This season will essentially be a prove-it type year for him, as he’s scheduled to hit the open market next year at the ripe age of 31. Not ideal for him, but a good season could go a long way. Robinson has spent time with three different teams before landing in Pittsburgh. He spent four years in Jacksonville, four years in Chicago with our good buddy Mitch Trubisky, and last year he played his lone season for the Rams.

Over his career, Robinson has appeared in 110 games, making 528 catches for 6,748 yards and 43 touchdowns. Not bad considering his quarterbacks. Robinson’s best season came in 2015 as he exploded on the scene in the NFL. In his first and only Pro Bowl season, he posted 1,400 yards on 80 receptions to go with 14 touchdowns. Robinson is one of three receivers to ever have a single season with 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. The other two guys? Cooper Kupp and Davante Adams. The catch? It took those guys a 17-game season to do it. Robinson did it in a 16-game season.

The big-body receiver stands at six foot two, 220 pounds. Should be something Pickett can get used to. Robinson has only committed five drops over his last three seasons, something Steelers fans will be ecstatic to hear. He’s 22nd among active players in receptions with 528. Landing in the NFL Top 100 three seasons in his career, he’s no scrub. Is he what he used to be? Certainly not. Still a great addition to Pittsburgh.

The kid from Detroit, Michigan finds himself in the Steel City. It should be nice for him to finally get to play in a real sports city. The closest thing he’s ever experienced was Chicago which we can’t imagine was fun for him. He sparked a good, short-lived relationship with Trubisky before Matt Nagy brought that to a screeching halt.

Hopefully, the Pittsburgh faithful receives him well, although they’re all foaming at the mouth to see what Calvin Austin can do after missing all of last year with a foot injury. Austin should still get worked in a good amount. This just gives the Steelers flexibility at the position, instead of being a rolled ankle away from Gunner Olszewski as wide receiver three. Not ideal.

It’s a no lose situation for the Steelers to bring him in. The five million dollar cap hit isn’t the worst thing in the world for one year. Robinson has yet to play with a team that has the culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He hasn’t gotten to play for a coach of Mike Tomlin’s magnitude. Matt Canada may hold him back slightly, but that’s to be expected. He holds everyone back. Khan and Weidl continue to bring in veterans and will surely nail the draft with all the capital they have.



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