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Stadium Rant’s Best NBA Prop Bets 2-02-2023

The first day of the new month didn’t go as planned but still ended as a profitable day. The NBA best bets went 1-1. Jayson Tatum blew past his points but barely squeaked by with nine rebounds, we needed 8.5. Klay Thompson was not nice to us this time around. His line was set at 22.5 points and he fell well short of that, he was only able to score 14 points. He shot a miserable 23 percent. Not going to win bets shooting like that.

The parlay switch-up worked last night. The Ja Morant and Damian Lillard same-game parlay cashed with ease. Even the modified, riskier parlay that I mentioned in the detail cashed as well but wasn’t an official play. After yesterday’s NBA best bets, we move to 10-3 over the last five articles. Once again, if you enjoy this segment of Stadium Rant’s NBA best bets, please check out the Gritty Gamblers Guide for the latest NFL and UFC bets!

Ja Morant Over 8.5 Assists -125

I’m all over this line tonight. The Memphis Grizzlies are playing back-to-back games but this time they are on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Grizzlies are one of the fastest pace of play teams and Cleveland is one of the slowest. Ja and the team should be flying around the Cavaliers with quick strikes. Memphis averages 25.5 assists per game and Ja has been averaging 8.3 of those this season.

Ja has been tearing up the courts these last few games. In his last four games, he’s had at least 11 assists. Before that, he had three straight games of eight assists. His potential assists are through the roof, just comes down to whether or not his teammates can make the baskets. If you like this bet, make sure to check out the NBA same-game parlay that I have cooked up for this evening.

Brandon Ingram Over 4.5 Assists -145

Brandon Ingram has been a ghost this year after missing 29 games with a bruised left toe. His return to action on January 25 against the Minnesota Timberwolves was a rusty one. Over his last three starts since his return, he has posted four or more assists in every game, and in two of them, he had five and nine. With limited action in his return, he is already moving the ball and this line just seems too low.

During the season, he has averaged 4.9 assists per game and 31.6 minutes per game. His minutes’ restriction should be just about over, which will give him a few more chances at racking up those assists. The New Orleans Pelicans are tenth in the league for assists per game at 25.8. CJ McCollum is the main guy for producing assists but as Ingram gets more action, he’ll start to eat away at some of CJ’s stats.

NBA Same-Game Parlay +120

Ja Morant 20-plus points Ja Morant over 7.5 assists Darius Garland 15-plus points Darius Garland over 5.5 assists

Since the Grizzlies are playing back-to-back games, why not add them to my NBA same-game parlay bets on back-to-back days? For Ja Morant, these are the exact lines that were included in last night’s bet that was cashed. Since December 31, Ja has posted over 20 points in every game. He’s now had at least eight assists in seven straight games. Ja should lead us to profit once again tonight. Added info can be seen above on his over 8.5 assists best bet.

Darius Garland is the other half of this NBA same-game parlay as his Cleveland Cavaliers will host the Grizzlies tonight. The only part about Darius that scares me is his points and how much they sway from game to game. Over his last two games, he has put up 16 points in both games. Before that, he had seven straight games of over 20 points. Even if he puts up the trifecta of 16 points, his points leg is low enough for that reason.

Currently, Darius is averaging 21.8 points per game and 8.1 assists per game. The Cavaliers are around midway in the NBA when it comes to assists. They average 24.5 per game. 25 percent of the total average of assists seems very reasonable for Darius tonight. His official line for tonight is over 8.5 assists at +100. That line is posted in DraftKings, so basically, the bookies have the line set at 7.5 which is fair. 5.5 should be low enough to the point that it doesn’t matter and we should be in line at the counter to collect our +120 NBA same-game parlay cash of the night.

Disclaimer: These bets are all informational and in no way are we telling you to take these bets. Please bet smart and only bet what you can afford. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the gambling hotline at 1-800-270-7117.



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