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Spring Training Brings Big Hopes For Texas Rangers Fans

Spring training is getting close to its end, and the Texas Rangers have been experimenting with a few players who hope to make it to Arlington. Is this season going to cement the Rangers as a top seed for the next few years, or will it make last year's World Series Championship look like a fluke?

The Rangers are 10-12 as of March 19th with a ranking of 11th overall throughout the league. Though this may raise concern for fans who want to see the Rangers at the top, I promise this is nothing to worry about. Spring training is a time for testing new players and keeping your big names safe before Opening Day.

The box score of the last game proves just how much testing a team can do in each game. The Rangers played 20 different fielders/DHs throughout the game and 8 pitchers. Players like Marcus Semien, Evan Carter, Adolis Garcia, and other starters played 3 ABs before rotating out for the minor league guys trying to earn their place and get their practice in before the season.

The Rangers have proven their solid lineup in the field and have shown their strengths throughout this Spring. The backups are just as strong with players like Kellen Strahm, Justin Foscue, Dustin Harris, and Ezekiel Duran leading the way. With the loss of their left-handed starter Jordan Montgomery, who is still a free agent, the Rangers' bullpen looked like the shaky part of this roster going into spring, but Bruce Bochy is confident in his bullpen.

Rangers fans should watch carefully for the one "spirited spot" that Bochy mentioned. If the Rangers can manage to bring back Montgomery or find another strong starter before the season begins, the Bullpen will be locked down with plenty of strong arms working their way up the minors.

Rangers fans should keep their heads high with the season fast approaching. This team was strong last year and looks to return for another strong season and possible World Series appearance.

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