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Sneaky Super Bowl Matchups That Would Be Ridiculously Fun

We are going into week 11 of the NFL season, and the playoffs are starting to form. Some surprising teams are rising and falling through the power rankings. This is not a prediction article, but there won't be any teams here that aren't in the hunt. We want an enjoyable and quality product for the Super Bowl, and these are some of the games that could support that. Let's start with one that is more unlikely but would be extremely fun and exciting.

Lions Vs. Texans

They are two of the most exciting young offenses in the NFL, with strong-minded defensive coaches (Dan Campbell must consume so much caffeine he could be his own BulletProof coffee spokesperson) and fanbases who have been in poverty for years. This may not be the most likely match-up, but damn, would this be a fun game to watch as Rookie of the Year favorite and possible MVP CJ Stroud duels it out with Jared Goff in his quest to redeem himself on his last Super Bowl appearance.

Many people reading this will scoff at the idea of the Texans in the big game, but they just beat the Bengals and are the class of the AFC despite their current record. The Lions might be the best team in football this year, and I think they are hungry and prepared, which makes for a dangerous opponent.

Ravens Vs. Eagles

MVP candidates Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson face off in one of the most electric Super Bowls ever conceived. Half the players on each offense could score from anywhere on the field in the blink of an eye. The Eagles would get another chance at the Lombardi after back-to-back trips. OBJ would be competing for his second Super Bowl title.

The age of the pocket passer would genuinely be in the past. This would be a barn burner, not because either defense is bad, but because both offenses are explosive. The Ravens have elite linebackers, and the Eagles have an elite defensive line; both teams are well-coached and strong on the offensive line. This would be a fantastic game.

Cowboys Vs Chiefs

Having America's team going up against the NFL's next dynasty, trying to cement themselves as that dynasty. In any circumstance, Mahomes is a pleasure to watch him run away from Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence. Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb on the big stage trying to reverse a 25-year trend.

Chris Jones doing what he always does in big games. Mike McCarthy (who I strongly dislike as an NFL head coach) had a chance to change the narrative of his career. Two of the most popular franchises in the NFL, this would likely be the highest-rated Super Bowl of all time. Even if I don't care for either team, I would definitely be watching.

49ers Vs Dolphins

Kyle Shanahan going up against his protege in, Mike McDaniel. This would be a star-studded match-up with talent all over the place. Hill Waddle Achane could compete in Olympic-level sprints well. CMC, Deebo Ayuik, and Kittle might be the best skill position group in the NFL. Bradley Chubb and Jalen Ramsey or Nick Bosa, Chase Young, Fred Warner, and many more studs on the defensive side of the ball.

This would be a clinic in schematics on both sides of the ball. Both offensive styles are the league's future, and defensive coordinators would be studying the opposing game plans to stop each other for years. If the Dolphins won this match-up, would that tarnish Shanahan forever? His staff members can get over the hump, but he can't. A game like this poses a bunch of interesting questions.

Bengals Vs Vikings

Joe Burrow needs to reach another Super Bowl; he was one play away from winning it the last time they got there. It would be a legit shame not to see him in there again. Chase and Justin Jefferson are as primetime as it gets. This Bengals team may have stumbled a bit here in the middle of the season, but they can run the table when it matters.

The Vikings might be the biggest surprise on this list; hell, I even surprised myself when I wrote it down. They have played excellent ball since Justin Jefferson got hurt; many, including myself, wrote them off. Then I did it again when Cousins got hurt.

However, Josh Dobbs might have something in him; these are incredible weapons and competent coaching around him. His ability to be elusive and add a threat to run in that offense can cause teams lots of issues moving forward. Many people talk trash about the Vikings defense, myself included, but the unit has been much better with Brian Flores in charge. Their win over the 49ers should be considered a statement win; this would be a super intriguing game with many underdog storylines.

End Of Rant

The football season is almost over. As awful as it is to realize that, it means we are inching closer to the most crucial game of the season and what everything leads to. The Super Bowl is where stars turn into legends, and these games would certainly live up to that trend.

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