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Should The Warriors Trade For This Big Star?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Regardless of how the Lakers-Warriors series turns, Golden State will need to adjust its roster going into the future. Draymond Green is due for an extension, and Klay Thompson will also be soon. Golden State has some glaring needs on its roster. Should they go out and trade for Kristaps Porzingis?

Provides A Scoring Big

The Warriors are infamous for their small-ball lineups but are vulnerable to punishment by more significant offensive threats. Kevon Looney has emerged as an excellent rebounding threat, but Golden State heavily relies on Steph Curry’s scoring ability.

Getting a center who can get their own offensively would be huge for Golden State. The amount of attention Steph Curry and Klay Thompson generate leaves other players with wide-open looks. Draymond anchors as the four, but it is a struggle for the Warriors to play both Looney and Draymond as they cannot score the ball.

Kristaps Porzingis is coming off averaging 23 points off of 49% from the field and 38% from three. Porzingis was the number one option when Bradley Beal went out, and he thrived. Porzingis can score in the 20s and get double-digit rebounds every single game. In addition, Porzingis would thrive off of the open looks Golden State would generate, providing a big scoring option that Golden State has not had in a decade.

Trade Package

With the Wizards being nowhere close to being a contender, a trade package surrounding Jordan Poole, a first-round pick, and other late-rounders could work. Poole is averaging 20 points as a 23-year-old, and he has an upside that matches the Wizards’ timeline.

Porzingis is close to 30 years old and provides similar production to Poole, but he fits more in a secondary role and is a more mature basketball player. These players and their timelines would be matches, and this is a deal that could happen. Jordan Poole is not a great fit next to Curry, and he is young, so he has inconsistencies.


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