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Should The Patriots Try To Acquire These Star Quarterbacks In The Off-Season?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In a potential scenario in which the Patriots would want to make a change at quarterback, should they sign these stars?

The Patriots have had a very inconsistent year in 2022, and they have a lot on their roster to fix. With the offense regressing significantly since Matt Patricia became the offensive coordinator, New England hasn’t had good production from Mac Jones. While the offense struggling isn’t only due to Mac Jones, the AFC has become a conference with lots of star quarterbacks. If things continue to go downhill, could New England try to pursue these star quarterbacks in the off-season?

Lamar Jackson

While Lamar would undoubtedly make the Patriots better, the question is should New England be willing to pay him a large contract? Since his time in the league Lamar has been a little polarizing, as his skillset is one that is rarely seen. With the quarterback play getting more dynamic in the modern NFL, Lamar certainly is a dynamic playmaker. However, Lamar’s progression in the passing game has left some to be desire. Lamar has never thrown over 3,500 yards, while his rushing game does a lot to make up for that, his passing ability needs to see an increase.

The one concern for New England is that they may not be able to surround adequate pieces around a quarterback with a large salary cap. The Patriots haven’t had a productive wide receiver one in a few years, and they have significant concern on offense with Matt Patricia being the coordinator. If New England is able to find a more experienced offensive coordinator, and is able to fix their offensive line, then New England should at least inquire.

Aaron Rodgers

There has been a lot of speculation that Aaron Rodgers may be on the market, and if he is, New England should definitely try to pursue Rodgers. However, this is contingent on if New England is able to upgrade their offensive talent around Rodgers. The Patriots do have some talent at the receiver position, with Devante Parker, Kendrick Bourne, Jakobi Meyers, and a developing Tyquan Thornton. While the receiver position has been underwhelming this season for New England, it could also be because Matt Patricia hasn’t properly utilized the pieces he has.

One large concern for New England is Rodger’s uncertainty about his future. The Patriots should only pursue Rodgers if they know he is going to play for at least a couple more years. While this has been a down year for Aaron Rodgers, he’s still thrown for 22 touchdowns 2,864 yards. Rodgers also has the ability to elevate receivers, however New England shouldn’t rely on him to elevate their players if they do end up getting him.

Tom Brady

There has also been some speculation that Tom Brady may be looking to join a new team, and a reunion with the Patriots is possible. Similar to Rodgers, New England should get a timeline on how long Tom Brady plans to play. If it is for a few more years, this wouldn’t be a bad move to pursue.

While Tom Brady is 45, he would still be a upgrade at quarterback for New England. Similar to the other quarterbacks, New England needs to upgrade their roster if they want to pursue this move. Any quarterback would struggle in the Patriots’ situation currently, and they need to make changes to some personnel on offense. Getting Bill O’Brien would be a great addition. If the Patriots are able to get a more qualified offensive coordinator, this should be something they inquire about as well.


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