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Should The Patriots Trade For This Star Wideout?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The Patriots head into the 2023 draft still in need of a true WR1. It’s uncertain whether they’re going to get one this season, but unless one of their current weapons seriously upgrades, WR will be a position to look at for the Patriots for the next few years.

With the Eagles just giving Jalen Hurts a massive extension, could they look to trade Devonta Smith?

In the first round of the 2021 NFL draft, the Eagles selected a much-needed receiver with their pick. The Eagles picked Alabama’s, Devonta Smith. Smith was paired with a young Jalen Hurts. Smith had a solid rookie year going for 64 receptions for 916 yards and five touchdowns. This was when Jalen Hurts was still developing as a passer, so Smith showed a lot of encouraging signs. During the NFL 2022 draft the Eagles went out and traded for A.J. Brown.

A.J. Brown received a four-year 100 million dollar deal. Brown emerged as the true receiver one for 1,496 yards and 88 receptions. Despite Brown being the true number-one option Devonta Smith also thrived in his new role. Smith received 1,196 yards in the 2022 season. Smith had a huge leap with route running and the ability to create separation. Smith could be a number-one receiving option on many teams, but not the Eagles.

Could Smith Be Available For The Patriots?

The Eagles just gave Jalen Hurts a five-year deal worth 255 million dollars. With Jalen Hurts being on a massive deal and becoming the highest-paid NFL player in the league, the Eagles may have to start parting with some talent. Devonta Smith is in line for a contract extension, and it is questionable if the Eagles can afford to pay Smith a deal close to 20 million a year, which is likely his price.

The Eagles may look to trade Smith soon, and they could fetch a first-round pick for him. The Eagles might as well trade him for assets rather than him leaving because the Eagles aren’t able to afford him.

Smith already has great chemistry with Mac when they played at Alabama. Smith had a historically great year with Mac under center, and in 2020, Smith and Jones went first and third, respectively in Heisman voting. Smith had 117 catches for 1,856 yards along with 23 touchdowns. Smith’s route running and speed is a great compliment to Mac’s accurate playstyle. Mac threw for 4,500 yards and 41 touchdowns that season when Devonta Smith was the true one receiver.

The Patriots have lacked a true receiver since Tom Brady left. This is the perfect opportunity for the Patriots. Smith is a fantastic route runner and brings good speed. Smith would become the wide receiver in New England, and that would also help receivers like Juju and Devante Parker. Both Juju and Parker are wide receiver twos or threes, so adding Smith would give everyone an ideal role.

Smith will likely fetch a first-round pick, which is very well worth it for the Patriots. The Patriots could give him a deal of around 17-20 million a year and give up a first-round pick. Smith is a star receiver and he may be available soon with the Eagles going into some cap space trouble in a year or two.


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